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Alexandria Commission for the Arts Lends Approval for City Galleries Show

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The Alexandria Commission for the Arts gave its nod of approval today to Shauna Lee Lange Art Advisory and their recent submission for public works in the City Galleries Program. Ms. Lange will feature small works of pencil, pastel, marker, and other embellishments on printer’s ornaments from the Renaissance to the 20th century. The exhibit will thematically explore color application and how various color components impact the way we view (contemporarily or historically) decorative designs. The works include scrolls, lunettes, heraldic devices, and wreaths. The show will be mounted February 7, 2008.

Artist's Statement: Shauna Lee Lange

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What work do I do? I am communicating, listening, and hoping to be heard. My visual art work encompasses artistry in ephemera assemblage, mixed media, and collage. Most of my work involves a growing and heavy use of paper, graphic images, and transitory written and printed matter. I love trade cards, bookmarks, greeting cards, letters, photographs, and old postcards which I use to assemble new images with new meanings. I like reusing found, discarded, or overlooked items. I have a keen interest in the public arts arena and outsider or visionary art. In 2006, I founded and now run a full service professional arts advisory firm within the metropolitan DC area. My professional arts concentration is in the area of art writing, art design, art consulting and art coaching. My personal goals and aspirations are ones of communication, exploration, and developing new motivations for the viewing audience.

I make decisions based on mood, color, and composition. I often collected pieces of mixed media, ephemera, collages, photographs, printed matter, and various papers for months on end. When an idea has solidified, I go searching for items previously put aside. I compile the items, figure out the design for the message I want to convey, and then I define the whole lot with intricate scissors and Xacto knifes. As life has holes, I am seeking not only to show a finished work, but to accept the space between individual components and to accentuate it; much as in life’s imperfections. I select materials based on texture, meaning, and color. My techniques are rough, experimental, and constantly changing. I try new adhesive methods, new windowing methods, and new incorporations of small accent items. Themes I focus on include matters of the heart; following one’s heart, listening to one’s inner voice, and being true to one’s self. Many works end up having a cultural, political, or social sub-message. Overall, I have learned to embrace the fact that I am a big systems thinker; a true analyst. I am always trying to make a whole out of the sum of parts; always trying to find larger meaning. I am constantly amazed at how subjects, people, and events intersect in unusual and unexpected ways.


Happy childhood memories involve art. As a young Girl Scout Brownie, I made Christmas card holders out of old Sears Catalogues. Or there was the time we spray painted elbow macaroni with gold and silver and adhered the pieces to a conical sphere to make decorative trees. Years later, a local community arts-mobile used to come by our street once a week. We learned how to make popsicle stick vases and yarned cat-eye decorations. A school experience solidified my interest in art when I learned how to make a coiled rug from yarn and rope. It was also around that time that we began cutting intricate paper ornaments with detailed sharp scissors. I loved art, lived for art class, and loved working with my hands.

Sadly, I didn’t plug into those memories until much later in life when I reached my early forties. My then college-aged daughter left to attend school in the big city. Suddenly alone in my empty-nest syndrome, I spent a great deal of time trying to figure out who I had become, who I had been, and what there was left to love outside of my art books. My current work grows out of these life experiences and the new experience of being a mom to a son born in 2007. I am still exploring how all the pieces come together – attempting to make sense out of the past and make a statement, a map of sorts, for a new future. I am challenged to find the medium, the artistic expression, or the venue for half a life lived without a dedicated focus on art. At times, the ideas feel like they are streaming river-fast as if some gate has been opened, yet I worry there isn’t enough time to realize them all! I am self-taught, I am emerging, and I want to meet others (figuratively and literally) through my art. Most importantly, I hope to meet myself.

Honfleur Gallery's One Year Anniversary Celebration and Retrospective Exhibition

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Southeast DC’s Honfleur Gallery celebrated their one year anniversary with an exhibition of fine art and culture this evening. The show featured artists such as: Alison Spain; Jonathan French; Justin Couch; Seneca Wells; Renee Woodward; Jonathan Royce; and Darren Smith. Some of the artists are members of the ARCH Artist in Residence Program and thank the gallery staff for their hard work in bringing to light new cultural beginnings and in helping to make the gallery a success.

Tonight’s celebration featured a fine buffet table, thoughtful door prizes, open artists studios, and an energetic electric spark in tune with a wonderful jazz trio. Support for the Gallery seems to span age, race, artistic interest, and status. One of the ways we like to measure the health of a gallery is in the culture of open reception to children and youth. Tonight’s celebration welcomed a young teen enjoying blackberries, an older teen wearing a “Make Music Not War” t-shirt, and a young man sitting patiently on black leather couches with his guardian. When children are welcomed to explore art, and not kept at arms length from art gallery openings, it makes our world all the richer. Honfleur Gallery invites you to come in and meet the work of artists who are exploring photography, oils, woodworking, stitched canvas, and collage mosaics. Happy Anniversary, Honfleur – may we be with you at year 5, 10, 25, and 50!

Boeing Selects Third Lange Design for Public Art Competition

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The Boeing Company has selected a Shauna Lee Lange Arts Advisory public art design in the recent Crystal City Celebration of Flight competition. Boeing has a multi-layered history in the Washington, DC area in support of both the U.S. Government and the community at large. Boeing will be participating in the Crystal City Takes Flight public promotion designed to increase awareness of the value of Crystal City as a flight corridor, a tourist destination, a vibrant residential area, and a thriving business district.

Shauna Lee and Alex Lange submitted six designs for the public call to artists. The third winning design in the series is a jet aircraft called “Freedom’s Flight.” The rough rendering was inspired by an artistic, creative, and inventive vision of the tried and true red, white, and blue American flag. The design takes an outgoing and energetic approach to reorienting the line and position of flag elements so they create an unexpected visual delight. We are thrilled to be able to accept Boeing’s sponsorship in this very exciting series of events planned by the Crystal City Business Improvement District.

Author Paige West's Corcoran Lecture: The Art of Buying Art

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Paige West gave a well rounded lecture on the current contemporary art scene both in gallery and on-line last evening at the Corcoran. West’s PowerPoint presentation included examples of names on the to-be-watched list as well as a great list of on-line resources for where to purchase inexpensive contemporary original works and prints.

West appeared competently versed in the New York art scene, the growing financial market for art, and her concern for what she termed as a possible impending “art backlash.” West cited an example stemming from her many years of collecting. The story centered on the price of original acquisition, the price of West’s sales to another party a year later, and the price of that party’s auction sale months following. West showed a slide of her husband’s pained reaction at the news!

As a new mother of infant twin sons, the author, collector, and gallerist apologized for her lack of vocabulary; any default in that area was compensated by a rich display of exciting and challenging new contemporary works along with a good dose of humor. The lecture series was followed by a small reception and book signing.

Short Biographies: Shauna Lee Lange Arts Advisory

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shauna lee lange, founder and market analyst/creative director
Born in Rhode Island in 1963, Shauna Lee Lange grew up in southern New England. After serving six years in the U.S. Navy, she studied public administration (arts) at Roger Williams University. Thereafter, she joined the Federal Civil Service working in support of the U.S. Government as a Management and Program Analyst. Shauna Lee has lived in Florida, Italy, Bahrain, Arizona and Massachusetts. She now makes her home in Alexandria, Virginia with her husband Alex and their son Sebastian. An adult daughter, Lauren, resides in Brooklyn.

Lange’s work encompasses emergent and self-taught artistry in ephemera assemblage, mixed media and collage. She has a keen interest in the public arts arena and outsider or visionary art. In 2006, she founded and now runs a full service professional arts advisory firm within the Metropolitan DC corridor. Her arts concentration is in the area of art writing, art design, art consulting and art coaching. She participates in community service projects and loves great books.

alex lange, co-founder and professional architect
Born in Germany in 1942, Alex Lange grew up in Switzerland. After a transatlantic voyage to the United States at the age of 17, he went on to serve two years in the U.S. Army. He attended Pratt Institute and Yale University before becoming a professional architect. Alex has lived in London, New York and Wisconsin. He now resides in Alexandria, Virginia with his wife Shauna Lee and their son Sebastian. Four adult sons include: Alexander of New Jersey; Matthew of Chicago; Christian of Chicago; and Philip of Williams Bay.

Lange’s work encompasses large scale, commercial architecture including projects such as London’s Canary Wharf and the Chicago Mercantile Exchange. His professional portfolio includes churches, restaurants, hotels, high-rise office buildings, and small storefronts. Lange’s drawings are clean, straightforward, spacious and insightful. He has a keen interest in competition sports as an avid skier, tennis player, and soccer coach. He is an accomplished pool player and speaks several languages.

Shauna Lee Lange Wins High-Profile Citywide Public Art Design Competition: Crystal Flight – A Celebration of Art & Air

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Shauna Lee and Alex Lange are honored and excited to announce that two of our original public art designs were recently selected as winning entries in the Crystal City Takes Flight Public Art competition.

The competition, initiated by the Crystal City Business Improvement District, is a campaign which drew design concepts from notable national artists. Artists were challenged to create unique images for 50 bi-plane and jet statues measuring 5-feet by 5-feet.

Each plane is sponsored by an area business in an effort to demonstrate collaborative partnerships, to attract visitors, and to link Crystal City’s relationship with flight. Crystal City, in Arlington, Virginia, is central in proximity to the Washington D.C. National Airport; the U.S. Air Force; Boeing; Lockheed Martin; and Northrop Grumman.

One of Shauna Lee Lange’s winning public art designs features worldwide travel destinations. Capitals and major cities are depicted in mock vintage luggage tags and old style cruise liner trunk decals. The intent is to show Crystal City as a true gateway location, international travel destination, and place where people of all hometowns can live and thrive. The “Capital Cities” design will be sponsored by the Crystal Gateway Marriott and Bin 1700.

The winning public art design submitted by Alex Lange depicts a theme centered on “breaking the race barrier.” A model jet statue will be covered by a multitude of faces, old and young, of various races, expressing a range of human emotions. The intent is to show that wherever one goes, people are people and human experiences are commonly shared. This design has been selected by the United States Marine Corps Marathon.

A VIP kick-off celebration is scheduled for January 29, 2008 wherein press, organizers, artists, and corporate sponsors will meet each other to share concepts and visions for this dynamic public art initiative. Once winning flight designs have been completed, the statues will “land” on the streets of Crystal City for all to enjoy in April of 2008.

Promoted as a great series of enjoyable events for families and aviation enthusiasts, the Celebration of Flight includes parades, marathon race events, and other fun and educational public venues geared to enrich the cultural life of the greater Washington community.

Shauna Lee Lange and Alex Lange are Founder and Co-Founder of Shauna Lee Lange Arts Advisory.

art consulting, an exhibition nightmare, philanthropy, and the artleague's 41st Annual Patrons' Show Fundraiser

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On February 17, 2008, the Alexandria artleague will host their 41st Annual Patrons’ Show Fundraiser. Tickets for this unbelievable frenzy of art excitement and enthusiasm are $175 each and are available in The Art League Gallery. The price of entry enables a ticket holder to select a work of art (donated by notable artists) via a highly-charged-you-can-hear-a-pin-drop-nervous-anticipation lottery system held the evening of the event. I’ve seen people laugh over beating out their neighbors on a particular work, I’ve seen the neighbor quietly wipe a tear from their eye; it’s that kind of festive competition among patrons.

Sometimes the universe has a funny way of working things out that one might never have connected. For example, even the most established art advisor or art consultant sometimes just plain gets it wrong. Recently, Shauna Lee Lange Arts Advisory showcased a series of high quality, original nature photographs at a large exhibition venue. Nothing sold. I know, I know – this is not unusual. But not only did nothing sell from our booth, nothing sold from any of the artists’ booths. The event was just the wrong venue. Just too early after the holidays. Just filled with people who were seeking information and education and who were not in the art acquisition mindset.

I know because we, being conscientious mentors, gallerists (of a sort), and arts promoters went to the event two separate times to oversee the activities. We had everything pre-planned according to tried and true formulas that normally work for art exhibitors. A variety of price points, works in different sizes, plenty of marketing materials, a clean and unique display style. Oh, LOTS of people stopped, looked, and considered – but no sales. And in this case, the sales would have gone to support a young, rising artist’s endeavors – so our hearts were in it for her to succeed. Failure. Yes, it doesn’t only knock on YOUR door and it’s just as ugly when it’s at ours.

So here we were down-hearted and schlepping all this beautiful work back to our office where the photographs sat in a bulky box prudently screaming, “Yes, we are still here!” Low and behold, at the Jill Bank’s “Place Settings” opening the other night, we stumbled across the floor plan for seating arrangements at the upcoming Patrons’ Fundraiser (with most sections already being sold out). Whoa! Like magic came not only an opportunity to re-show some of our poignant and introspective works, but also to support a vital arts center, and to demonstrate something truly gorgeous – philanthropy.

Artists and arts professionals don’t have to be in the company of the likes of any of the super-wealthy and super-connected to demonstrate simple goodwill in an active effort to promote human welfare. Philanthropy is your gift. And in our opinion, as art advisors and consultants, when you’re gift-ed, there’s even more of an onus to share it. Sure, we miss out on the revenue. Sometimes though, philanthropic giving has a way of opening doors when windows close – and that goes for all involved in a transaction.

In 2008, Shauna Lee Lange Arts Advisory hopes to work and live in a collaborative attitude of grateful abundance. There IS more than enough to go around, enough art exhibiting opportunities, enough gracious art patrons, and enough corporate art sponsors. That’s why we take our exhibition nightmare and our art consulting trials and tribulations and try to turn them into someone else’s enjoyment and good. Support your local arts organizations and if you are going to the artleague’s Patrons’ Show, look for our quadruplet of fine photographic images similar to the nature detail work shown above. You’ll have both a story and a set of one-of-a-kind works to add to your art collection.

local arts advisory supports one warm coat

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Shauna Lee Lange Arts Advisory of Alexandria, Virginia is proud to support one of the very cosiest charity campaigns in town, the One Warm Coat drive. This non-profit organization provides needy people, through established human services groups, with free warm coats to survive the winter.

One Warm Coat is a San Francisco based national organization, originally conceived in 1992, that carries an impressive accomplishment record. In the 2005 – 2006 campaign year, over 200,000 coats were donated to over 42 states. As seen on Good Morning America, the One Warm Coat organization carries an impressive list of corporate sponsors.

Shauna Lee Lange Arts Advisory is proud to join the long list of private donors and corporations like the Charles Schwab Foundation; The Glad Products Co.; The Examiner Newspaper; The Timberland Company; Kaiser Permanente; W.L. Gore & Associates; the Gap; Ghiradelli Chocolate Company; Burlington; and Google.

We think Van Gogh would have liked all of Metropolitan DC to participate in the effort http://www.onewarmcoat.org/. He said, “It is not the language of painters but the language of nature which one should listen to, the feeling for the things themselves, for reality is more important than the feeling for pictures.”

jill banks: place settings opening reception @ the art league

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McLean’s Jill Banks celebrated the opening reception of her oil paintings on mood and emotion this afternoon at the Torpedo Factory’s Art League. The works shown emanate muted warmth, complexity in detail, and they transport one to a simple time. A time when the most important daily decision might have been where and with whom to dine as opposed to which presidential candidate is currently in the lead and where that leaves the condition of our nation.

An unassuming but engaging Ms. Banks should be well pleased with the fairly large turnout and genuinely pointed interest from patrons. Shown above are two pieces from her exhibit “Place Settings” and one portrait being offered on its own merit in an adjacent room. Another nice job for gallery staff in stocking an enticing table of treats; appropriately matched to these works on restaurant atmospheres, interpersonal relationships of diners, and various themes on how dining connects one to the community at large. Jill’s framing selection is perfect for this refreshing “take-it-on-face-value” thematic show.