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calligrapher joei lau

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I recently found Joei Lau, calligrapher and designer, through the 1000 Art Journals Pages. Joei’s work is stunningly executed and gorgeously matched with color and meaning. A group of work varied from an exhibition in December 2006. 40 canvas were painted with watercolors, covered with ohp sheets with hand writing. Pieces found in this set are scanned from the original canvas combining another set of hand painted watercolors postcards. Digitalized by Photoshop.



my latest series: beginning stages

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Here are some beginning stages of my latest spiritual art series in holy prayer cards. I haven’t figured out exactly what I’m going to do yet. They will likely stay in small works and will likely be enhanced with mixed media, collage, ephemera, perhaps some inspirational words … they are the cornerstone of a much larger project I currently have in mind. I hope you enjoy these as I’ve enlarged the three pieces that make the strongest artistic statement.

on my desk: artists' studios blog

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Lauren introduced me to one of my newest and most favorite art sites, the on my desk: creative spaces blog. We love the idea of artists’ studios, their functionality, their design, their locations, and their themes. This blog is a space where artists, illustrators, designers, and creative folk share the stuff on their desk by submitting pictures and writing a few blurbs about it too. We’ve shown you one of Ximena Maier’s photos, an illustrator out of Madrid, Spain. You can learn more about her at

On my desk is a great space to gain inspiration, organizational skills, to pick up a few tricks of the trade and to constantly remind yourself how small and simple really CAN be better. Enjoy!!

lesley venable's flatwood folkart

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I was sharing with you the fact that I’ve been turning my attention to serious art journaling which has proven to be a fantastic and wonderful voyage. It’s brought me to new challenges in my artwork and new Internet sites about artists’ studios. I’ve seen traveling journals and it’s opened my eyes to some of the established authorities on the subject – but the thing that leaves a lasting impression is the images.
Now my art journaling is taking a surprising spiritual or religious twist and I’m finding that the works I’m creating, the journal I’m keeping (I’m actually keeping two), my blogging, and my momentary artistic interests are melting to one blurred and indescribable pot. I’m not sure I can explain it, and I’m not sure I even understand what is happening artistically.
I’m drawn to works of a spiritual bent, I suddenly love works that feature some element of flying or travel, and the soft and quiet works are gathering my attention. I’ve had to do much inner searching of late, particularly in some professional settings that have been less than comfortable, and it’s the quiet place that holds my rest.
Anyway, this is a long introduction to tell you how I came upon Lesley Venable’s site Flatwood Folkart. The images above are courtesy of her vintage eye. Lesley’s a kindred spirit in that she is also a mixed media, altered art, assemblage, collage artist. Raised in Louisiana by a mom who is a more traditional professional artist and a Dad who was the resident artist in the kitchen, Lesley’s sister’s creative knack came out in garden and landscape design.
Lesley has what she calls my “necessary” job that she goes to on a daily basis and then, like many artists who have yet to become full-time professionals, she creates her art work at night. She says her muse seems to be the busiest when she has the least amount of time to devote to her suggestions. Lesley thinks when she is not creating, it frustrates the muse to no end.
Lesley’s family consists of herself, a husband, a step-son who lives in Northern Virginia, 3 dogs (two golden retrievers and a mixed breed who they rescued from an abusive past) and 1 cat who thinks he owns the house. She says she’s been blessed in so many ways by God and she is forever thankful for the people He has sent into her life to touch her heart.

artful thoughts

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A moment’s insight is sometimes worth a life’s experience. (Oliver Wendell Holmes Sr)

Wisdom is ofttimes nearer when we stoop than when we soar. (William Wordsworth)

They know enough who know how to learn. (Henry Adams)

The rays of happiness, like those of light, are colorless when unbroken. (Henry Wadsworth Longfellow)

What I must do is all that concerns me, not what the people think. (Ralph Waldo Emerson)

artist relocation programs

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We’ve been keeping an eye on several artist relocation programs; notably Paducah’s well-established program, Peoria’s attempt to bolster and establish a more formalized program; and now Fall River’s attempts to bring commerce and the arts to an area much threatened by the current economic crisis. Michael Holtzman did a fine job reporting on Fall River’s Artists in Residence in this 10/26/08 article.

nathan durfee @ robert lange studios

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We have lots to update you on as we’ve been extremely busy with events over the past week. In the meantime, Robert Lange Studios (no known relation) is showing some thoughtfully whimsical works by Nathan Durfee in Charleston, South Carolina.

Stay tuned for much more on art journaling, my new creative series involving holy prayer cards, pictures of the studio, notes on art and panel discussion events last week, and thoughts about the direction Shauna Lee Lange Arts Advisory needs to take in 2009.

art whino and shauna lee lange arts advisory's october collaboration

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Art Whino and Shauna Lee Lange Arts Advisory proudly announce an exciting art panel discussion event scheduled for Friday, October 24th at the Adidas store in DC’s Georgetown (1251 Wisconsin Ave NW Washington, DC 20007).
Art Whino’s National Harbor presence continues to inspire and invigorate the DC art world by bringing forth challenging ideas of contemporary art to the masses. Art Whino’s creative vision for a strong DC university and northwest presence will certainly come to fruition as the gallery begins fully utilizing the Adidas Loft location in swanky Georgetown for premier, never-before-seen events.
Art Whino is fully committed to encouraging new forms of art collection and stewardship by offering cutting edge works which communicate new voices to those scouring the marketplace. They may include often overlooked works, reasonably priced (below marketplace) works, international artists establishing a US foothold, or other generally unexpected works.

Gallery managers are professional, open, relaxed, and forward-thinking in wanting to establish gallery spaces that encourage conversation, critiques, and collaboration. It is in this spirit that they agreed to work with Lange, a metropolitan DC arts advisor, in presenting a DC forum for the 2008 Americans for the Arts Creative Conversations events being held throughout the nation during October.

Art Whino has already established themselves as a viable and trustworthy art source and with Lange as a quickly rising art expert in the area of art business, they make a formidable team. Together they embody the words of William Shakespeare, “Things won are done: joy’s soul lies in the doing.” If you are interested in receiving an invitation to the event, please contact this writer.
Image: BAT Boulandi, People Under the Stairs, 16×20″, acrylic on canvas. See http://www.artwhino.com/.

nyc gallery bound for columbus day

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Shauna Lee Lange Arts Advisory is headed to New York City over the Columbus Day weekend. We’ll be stopping in to see some arts professionals, visiting some new galleries to see new works, making a trek over to Brooklyn to drop works, having dinner with a very special someone, and generally getting a feel for how the economy is impacting NYC art sales, the overall art market, and obtaining a sense for what’s hot and what’s not on the street level. We’ll be bringing back fresh NYC ideas to our metropolitan DC arts arena. Stay tuned for more.

Image: P. Buckley Moss, Amish Homeland, 2008, 8 x 18 3/4″ see http://www.pbuckleymoss.com.

deborah davidson @ sue greenwood fine art

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I love to see what’s being shown on the west coast, and Sue Greenwood Fine Art seems to always have something exciting. Her gallery embodies the words of Will Hays: “Things do not happen in this world – they are brought about.” Greenwood’s helping well known artist Deborah Davidson exhibit her reflective and pensive works.

Davidson’s bio says: This body of work is about mysterious places that, when we go to them, we feel connected with the universe. There, nature is the physical manifestation of emotion, magic, and grace. Jung once described the possible phenomenon of an intelligent and responsive universe, one that acts and reacts in our interest. I am reminded of a power outside myself and that something sacred, rather than merely physical, is at work.

More than light and space, these painting are about perception and the ability to be aware. They are about the use of intuition as a position of knowledge. They are memories of landscapes transformed by the mind into images akin to those in dreams. Nature used as an embodiment of my subjective self, a projection of my emotions of ecstasy, fear and wonder. These works are about nature’s vastness, the majesty of its storms, its loneliness and terror and its profound peace. These images are moments. They are the heartbeats, the breadths by which we affirm each instance.

“…so the darkness shall be light, and the stillness the dancing.” — T.S. Elliot, “Four Quarter”

Image: Deborah Davidson, Pearls of Wisdom, 48.00″ x 36.00″, oil on panel.