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take heart – not all galleries are closing

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The gallery entrance, looking out, at Artists By The Sea in Cardiff, California

Artists by the Sea is a new contemporary art gallery and absolutely worth a visit…more than once. There is lots to be excited about this new art offering fromMichelle Hovis and Anne Latham, jewelry artists in their own right – a small area of the shop is set aside for their business, Bling Girls. When you stop by you very well may meet one or both and can watch them work on their wonderful creations.

In addition to a broad range of artist works in many mediums – oil, watercolor, paper, glass, wood –  with paintings, sculpture, blown glass, music, mixed media, photography and unique gifts, Artists by the Sea offers numerous classes in their small Creative Arts Room that can be rented by the hour by artists wishing to teach. There is a working artist studio as well next to Bling Girls for artist-in-residence John Mosely, who also teaches. In December (Dec. 22 – Jan 2the gallery will be offering an art camp for children ($40 per day including all supplies).

Artists By The Sea Gallery, just 2 blocks to the ocean in CardiffArtists by the Sea will be offering gallery receptions for their new shows throughout the year, and the featured artists will change to provide a continuing mix of art appealing to a broad audience.  Current works range from several hundred dollars up to $8,000. Most works are original but some prints are available.

When in Cardiff (San Diego’s North County area) stop by the Artists by the Sea website for more information and photos, but better yet stop by the gallery in person to better appreciate the beauty of original works of art by the artists by the sea.  

Cardiff, more formally known as Cardiff by the Sea, is a charming beach town just north of Solana Beach in San Diego’s North County.  Known for years as a surfing town, this small community’s history is evident with several surf shops, the surfing statue on the Coast Road, and folks along the coast road and walking through town with surf boards under their arms.

Cardiff is growing and changing, fortunately not too quickly, and the small town charm appeals to residents living on the adjacent ocean-view hills and attracts many visitors, who enjoy the beaches, ocean-front dining, the ever-popular Pipes (perhaps THE best breakfast place around), the Seaside Market, and other small retail establishments.

picturing words: the power of book illustration

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Up until January 4, 2010 you can see an exhibition showcasing the richness of illustrated books through history at the Smithsonian National Museum of American History in Washington DC.  Visitors can explore the power of pictures through 40 featured rare books from the Smithsonian Libraries’ collections in science, history and art, as well as objects from the Museum’s Graphic Arts Division.  For more information go to: http://americanhistory.si.edu/index.cfm.  The direct exhibition site link is http://www.sil.si.edu/exhibitions/PicturingWords/.  

pogo home – shelving and rooms without the walls

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These beauties are just perfect for the artist’s studio and they’re part of a design series called “PogoHome.” Flexible pole systems created by husband and wife partners of the St. Louis based furniture design firm, UrbanWorkshop, the couple applied architectural training to devise rooms-on-poles.  You can choose from various sizes, wood types, or interlocking arms to support more design freedom.  I just love pogogallery (first image above) which allows an artist to support a canvas or two with absolutely NO bulk.

does art change value: a four year hindsight

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Dana Schutz, Feelings

In September of 2004, a new men’s magazine “Vitalis” held its lynchpin on “life’s necessities.”  Writer Maura Egan wrote an article called “Art of the Deal” which focused on why collectors were then hiring personal art consultants who were functioning as part investment advisers, part cultural attaches, and part art insiders.

Egan interviewed several consultants, spanning NYC to LA, and then compiled a list of the top nine recommended collectible artists based on the potential for financial gain and art posterity.  Over the next week, I’ll be looking at what each of these artists are now producing as we turn to 2009.  Here’s what’s in store:

1.  John Pylypchuk – mixed media artist from LA, original member of the Royal Art Lodge

2.  Dana Schutz – her “Self Eater No. 1” had The New York Times & Village Voice breathing hard.  

3.  Banks Violette – part of a growing movement of Goth art at 30 years old in 2004.

4.  Slater Bradley – San Francisco native who featured homage to Kurt Cobain and Nirvana.

5.  Eve Sussman – costume based drama that had the art world up in arms with glee.

6.  William Cordova – Peruvian-born artists from Miami graduated from Yale’s MFA.  Small scale drawings.

7.  Martin Edier – Berlin-based painter as promising player in Young German Movement.

8.  David Schnell – Leipzig artist takes former East German environment as his subject.

9.  Chris Hanson & Hendrika Sonnenberg – Canadian couple created installation sprawl with tangled cables, beer coolers and speakers.  

Image Credit:  Dana Schutz, “Feelings”, 46 x 51 cm, oil on canvas, 2003, as featured by The Saatchi Gallery- UK.

eight fine stationery companies: or what's on my xmas list

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Monogram Signature Cards <br>(Brown)

Cartier, NYC

Crane & Co

Montblanc, NYC

Mrs. John L. Strong Fine Stationery

Smythson of Bond Street, NYC

Terrapin Stationers, NYC

Thornwillow Press

Tiffany & Co., NYC

A few fine stationery notes:  Fountain pens were built for fine stationery – use blue or black ink.  Never write on the back of stationery.  Personal notes should be handwritten.  Try to get hand engraving vice mechanical engraving.  The backside of envelopes should display only an address.  Use white or cream cards.  The calling card is making a comeback, often printed with just the bearer’s name (and sometimes phone number).

Image Above:  Mrs. John L. Strong Monogrammed Signature Cards (Brown)

earth angels: contemporary folk art

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Earth Angels is a consortium of like-minded craft artists who make likable, livable, and limited art pieces for your home, yourself, or your friends.  I really loved Caramia Visick’s jewelry and Laurie Meseroll’s mud-cakes.

where women create: premier issue

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I had the chance to check out the premier issue of Where Women Create over the holiday and came away with some great storage and art tool organization techniques through the use of antique and vintage furniture.  Whether a repurposed table with casters in Portland, or truly gorgeous apothecary-style cabinetry used to store specialty ribbons and fabrics – the issue leaves you yearning to delve deeper in your craft.  These are the artists studios of women who have emphatically stated, “I am an artist.”

art whino proof of faith: bryan collins

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gallery roca holiday exhibit of small works

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