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broken @ sixth street gallery

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Vancouver, Washington’s Sixth Street Gallery is planning an April exhibition on the theme of Broken.  Mechanical, physical, emotional, political, environmental and beyond – Broken is an exploration and statement of what no longer works in your world as expressed through art work crafted in any two or three dimensional media.  This gallery event will offer insight into the artist’s individual statement of how “broken” is defined – from heartbreak to global warming, political ideation to mechanical breakdown.  


Shauna Lee Lange Design Studios & Arts Advisory, based in Alexandria, Virginia and serving the greater metropolitan Washington DC art scene, has submitted three pieces for jurying on the theme of broken art tools and broken inspiration.  The photographic works were created in 2009 and have never before been previously shown.  


The Sixth Street Gallery is owned and operated by the Mosaic Arts Alliance, a community that recognizes the importance of art in each individual and our wider world. Established in 2003 as a 501(c)3 non-profit art organization, we operate and oversee our art group, our cooperative Sixth Street Gallery, as well as our education & community involvement programs. We work to affect the lives of local artists and reach out to our community to enrich their lives through a shared experience.

MOSAIC Arts Alliance artists meet quarterly to discuss opportunities, business issues, and community projects, as well as encouraging friendship and networking. Our art group is open to artists and supporters working in all media. We encourage our artists to pursue opportunities with our monthly art listings, Art in the Business, and outside venues, as well as encouraging participation in our two annual shows at the gallery. Members also receive monthly newsletters to keep them informed of our many activities and current issues.


light the night luminarias proposed for inlight richmond 2009

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Shauna Lee Lange Design Studios & Arts Advisory is participating in artistic and creative public installation art proposals for Inlight Richmond – Art Turned On.  Organized by 1708 Gallery, InLight Richmond is the second annual exhibition of contemporary public art inspired by light. The inaugural edition of InLight Richmond took place on September 5, 2008 along a few blocks of West Broad Street in downtown Richmond. The exhibition and event included works by 44 artists from the United States, as well as Australia, Canada, and the UK.

Photography, video, sculpture, performance art, and music filled the streets of Richmond while more than 5,000 people attended the event. The installations and performances presented were made possible by contributions from corporations, foundations, and individuals.  InLight Richmond 2009 will take place on the weekend of September 25-27, 2009. Downtown Richmond will once again be transformed by the art projects presented in various public spaces — sidewalks and walls, storefronts and buildings, etc.

InLight Richmond is organized by 1708 Gallery, a non-profit arts organization committed to presenting contemporary art that questions, challenges and redefines the established aesthetic boundaries. One of the oldest artist-run non-profit arts organizations in the country, 1708 Gallery offers the public an opportunity to investigate and discover the most recent and innovative developments in contemporary art.

The Langes have proposed a luminaria festival much like those features in high-profile events such as: Santa Fe’s Canyon Road; Albuquerque’s River of Lights; Phoenix’s Desert Botanical Gardens; Sedona’s Tiaquepague Luminaria; Vancouver’s Luminaria Festival; Baltimore’s Halloween Festival; and Providence’s WaterFire. 

nThe goals of InLight Richmond are:

• to inspire and engage the community with contemporary art in public spaces;
• bring contemporary art to a diverse public;
• promote public access to contemporary art;
• stimulate dialogue about art in public spaces;
• enhance the community of Richmond with public art;
• provide artists with opportunities to impact the urban environment.


walnut creek public library – inspiration station

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We’ve submitted a design proposal in paper and book arts for the Walnut Creek Public Library in California.  Our commissioned works based on the theme Inpiration Station and employing the technique of color field theory would fill the young adult/teen reading areas.  The library is a new, beautifully designed structure slated for opening in March 2010.  

If selected, Lange’s rotating installation work would accompany Los Angeles artist Christian Moeller who has been commissioned by the city to design the Library’s signature piece.  it will stand inside the gallery’s main entrance. Additional individual works of art are to be purchased or commissioned to fill the library’s common areas in the buildings’ lobbies, reading rooms, community gallery, children’s library, and children’s garden, as well as outside in adjacent plazas.

Walnut Creek has officially encouraged public art projects in the community since 1982, when the City Council approved the first public art requirements and guidelines. In 1999, in order to formalize public art acquisition and placement throughout the City, the Walnut Creek Arts Commission produced the Public Art Master Plan. This comprehensive public art policy for the City of Walnut Creek standardized guidelines, enabling citizens and City staff members to better visualize, organize, and implement public art projects.

Walnut Creek officially adopted its Public Art Program in 2000 when the City Council approved two key ordinances mandating funding and the inclusion of public art in new development and renovation projects. Since the Program’s inception, artwork has been installed at Olympia Plaza, Ygnacio Center, the Corners, and City Hall Plaza. Upcoming projects include artworks for the Dean Lesher Center for the Arts, the new Main Library, and Alma Park.


Text Credit:  http://www.bedfordgallery.org/public_art.htm

lange submits for somerset studio publication

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Somerset Studio is open to all who wish to share their paper and mixed-media art and crafting projects including cards, collages, altered books and assemblages.  Through the pages called Expressions, artists complete the submission guidelines for various upcoming themes.  
The theme of sisterhood is often thought of with roars of laughter, heartfelt tears, and late night conversations.  Somerset Studio invited artists to create works that honor these very special relationships.  
Shauna Lee Lange’s art sample “You Trust the Sisterhood and its Power” is an exploration in paper cutting and multi-media techniques by the late emergent and self-taught founder of a Washington DC arts advisory firm.  Lange hopes to draw humorous attention to the Sisterhood found in religious groups and to remind us all how the power of more than one is often underestimated.  The piece merges the old and the new and uses a variety of techniques; it was created in 2009.  The below is a list of detailed instructions.  For photography purposes, a piece of lavender colored paper was used as a background to illuminate the window-cutting technique Lange employed.  The entire piece is primarily black cardstock and measures 8 1/2 x 11.

1.  Select and print a vintage nun photograph off Google Images using a standard printer.

2.  Paste the image on pre-formatted framed cardstock (5 x 7).
3.  Using Creative Imaginations Sonnets sticker stamps, select and apply your words by sticking the stamps on the cardstock.
4.  Hand write the fruits of the spirit using a Uniball Signo Broad White Gel pen and apply various doodles to other areas of the card.
5.  Cut out blank black cardboard space using a Xacto knife and self healing mat.  You may also use a steel ruler as a guide.
6.  Cut the right and left margin of the cardstock with Fiskar decorative edge scissors.
7.  Using an old holy prayer card (obtained on E-Bay), cut out a head figure and paste in the upper portion of the card.
8.  Outline the figure with Gel-Extreme 0.7 Gold Gel pen.
9.  Using watercolor crayons (Caran D’Arche Neopastells II), embellish blank black spaces.
10.  Lightly dust over all with Pearl-ex metallic powder (gold) using a paintbrush.
11.  Lightly wet a paintbrush and blend the crayon watercolor sections.

channeling susan abbott

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Here’s the upgrade made to our work “Channeling Susan Abbott” – we love the outcome.  We took some of Susan’s larger watercolor works, cut them into one inch squares and reassembled them for this new interpretation.  Her work is amazingly detailed and the beauty shines through no matter what the presentation.  



the reinterpretation of rob vander zee

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Here’s a recent collage/mixed-media work we did on the mythological painting series of Rob Vander Zee.  We took three of the major works, cut them in numbered strips, and reassembled them for this finished piece.  




lange competes in las vegas arts council's faces of woman

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The Las Vegas Arts Council is holding their 19th annual call for entries for a national juried art exhibition in “Faces of Woman”.  Entries celebrate some aspect of the feminine in symbolic or representational form in two or three dimensions.  The exhibit will be displayed in the gallery space of the Las Vegas Arts Council’s new quarters on Bridge Street in Las Vegas’ Old Town Arts & Cultural District.  This area attracts visitors from all over New Mexico as well as many out-of-state tourists and houses attractive galleries and restaurants.

The competition is jurored by Chuck Zimmer, who has worked for New Mexico Arts, Art in Public Places Program.  He is a recipient of the Pollock-Krasener grant and his background incldes a MFA from Southern Illinois University.  He is a teacher of fine arts and involved in community theater as designer and director.  

Shauna Lee Lange of Shauna Lee Lange Arts Advisory, headquartered in Alexandria, Virginia and serving the greater metropolitan area of Washington DC, will be submitting a work entitled “Scarred Smile” from her 2009 series in mixed media, watercolor, crayon, acrylic, and marker.  Scarred Smile represents the first of the series to be entered into submission and is a new enterprise for the firm’s founder, also a self-taught and late emergent artist.  

Scarred Smile is a self-portrait reflecting the artist’s formerly beautiful smile (thanks to mid 1970’s orthodontia), ruined in 2005 by an accidental fall in the shower.  After the fall, the artist faced dental bills amounting to over $5,000 in replacement work.  The shower fall also left the artist with a self-conscious scar on her lower lip, formed when the surgeon could not properly seal the fissure.  The self-portrait reveals the dark lipstick hues the artist still uses to try and conceal the flaw along with the damage to her vanity – resulting in now always closed lip smiles.

shovel life's dirt into a very big DITCH

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Here’s an art work finished on the 4th after a day of on the job, in the home, and relationship DISAPPOINTMENT and FRUSTRATION.  Don’t we all have them?


principle gallery update

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Save the dates! Please join us for the following events this spring:

20 March 2009: Kevin Fitzgerald, ‘New Works’

8 May 2009: Geoffrey Johnson, ‘New Paintings’

Please click HERE to view gallery favorites currently available for sale. 


Principle Gallery is proud to represent Missouri-based landscape artist, Jeff Aeling. The artist’s universal landscapes possess a stunning intimacy that conveys unexpected power and emotion. His brush strokes are gestural, often painted at arm’s length, as he applies pigment to panel using the fewest number of brush strokes. His work has been shown in exhibitions and placed in private collections all over the United States. 




Andrei Petrov 


Jeremy Mann 


Leah Waichulis 


Ron Richmond 


A collection of works by artists including Nepostoev, Podobedov, Timofeyev, Belyayev, Kiyanchenko, Motov, Mateev, and Khmelintisky.




photographers needed for wikipedia loves art

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person taking a picture of an artwork

Calling all DC photographers! Ever daydream what it would be like to be a museum photographer? (Sure you have.) Well, here’s your chance to help American Art illustrate Wikipedia articles with images from our collection (and you might win prizes in the process).

Over the next month we are participating inWikipedia Loves Art, a scavenger hunt and free content photography contest among 15 museums and cultural institutions worldwide. The project, in conjunction with Flickr, is aimed at illustrating Wikipedia articles. The event is planned to run for the whole month of February 2009.

We’re inviting you to come into the museum and shoot photos of our artworks based on various themes. You can shoot on your own or form a small team (10 people, tops). The photogs or teams with the most points will win prizes.

Here are all the details on how to sign up. Hope to see you walking our American Art halls with camera in hand soon!