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lange donates art advisory services for charity benefit

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Shauna Lee Lange Arts Advisory & Design Studios donates professional art consultation services to benefit the Habatat Galleries Charity Silent Auction (April 1 – 7th, 2009) for The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.  Everyone wins!

Shauna Lee Lange Arts Advisory is a full-service arts advisory serving the metropolitan Washington DC area since 2006.  Lange works in large-scale public arts as a professional designer and artist.  Her firm also offers professional architectural services.  Lange has been instrumental in helping mid-Atlantic art enthusiasts by assisting non-profit arts organizations attract interest, improve marketability, and increase service base.  Lange’s specialties include high-profile commercial and residential art collections and she is well versed in regional art markets. Lange is also an avid self-taught and late-emergent artist with a concentration on art journaling, collage, paper and book arts, and ephemera.  She has a heart for the artist’s journey and helps artists face and overcome various challenges in the art world.   

For artists:
If the winning recipient of this prize is an artist, one hour of professional portfolio review, or review of artist’s statement and bio/resume, or review of other artist’s marketing tools for career enhancement will be offered at the artist’s convenience.
For collectors:
If the winning recipient of this prize is an art collector (either new or established), one hour of professional collection advice will be offered at the collector’s convenience.  This may include establishing a professional inventory of works, or identifying complementary artists’ works for future acquisition, or insurance and appraisal/valuation advice. 
For gallerists or other arts organization professionals:
If the winning recipient of this prize is a gallerist or other arts organization, the prize will include one hour of interior re-design, re-organization, and re-placement advice to capitalize on new marketing trends.
For more information on the charity auction and how you can bid, call (703) 989-7110 or email lindseyscott@mac.com.  Learn more about the auction campaign and how Habatat is bringing hope through art here.  The Habatat Galleries are located at 8020 Towers Crescent Drive in Tysons Corner, VA. 





featured artist: michael anderson's collage

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Michael Anderson has one bang-up show going on at Chelsea’s Marlborough Gallery in New York thru April 25th.  Collage Geomancy features the recent collage works of this intrepid clipper and paster.  Born in ’68, Anderson’s already had several one-person shows both here and abroad.  A Harlem resident and worker, the artist has worked as an art editor and theatrical designer.  A press release for this provocative exhibit, describing the work in relation to commercial advertisement,  is here.

alma thomas & the red rose cantata

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Alma Thomas (1891 – 1978) was born in Columbus Georgia and in 1906 moved to unsegregated Washington DC at 1530 15th Street in a house now claimed by the National Trust for Historic Preservation.  She was a prolific acrylic painter, painting in her kitchen and her living room which had a bay window and shutters that shed patterns of light onto the furniture and floors. Thomas held a degree from Minor Normal School in Early Childhood Education (specifically kindergarten) and she spent many years teaching arts & crafts to the children of DC.  Her hope was that she might be a positive influence to the children, and in fact, she is credited for establishing one of DC educational system’s first galleries. She attended Howard University for costume design and in 1924 was the first student to graduate in painting.  She worked in education all her life and worked also on obtaining her masters from New York’s Columbia University.

Thomas retired in 1960 and began painting full time at 69 years of age despite arthritic difficulties.  She was in the inner circle of the Washington Color School Theorists and had an initial interest in figurative painting until she was encouraged by many prestigious mentors to embrace abstraction where she found a venue for nature and music in harmony.  Thomas was very interested in color theory, although remained true to her own voice.  Thomas was influenced by the gardens and landscape of DC (as evidenced by her many Cherry Blossom works) as well by her studies in puppetry, the idea of fabric, and the example her couture designer and seamstress mother impressed upon her at an early age.  

In 1972, a year prior to Red Rose Cantata‘s execution in 1973, Thomas was the first African American woman to have a one-person exhibition at the Whitney in New York.  Demands for inclusion of African American art were piquing due to a large sense of marginalization, the positive advancements of the 1960’s race relations, and the growth of the women’s moment in 1970’s. Thomas’ work was deemed attractive, positive, and optimistic and it was the 1972 year that was key for this breakthrough artist who advanced art despite her race, age, or sex.  

While some have compared Red Rose Cantata to mosaic work, others believe it was the formative light through a Holly Berry bush, or the vertical light through the shutters, or the rippling effect of looking through old glass, or perhaps the waning sight of an elderly woman that make this work so compelling.  The piece has a juxtaposition of order and disorder.  There is density, openness, intense color, and subtle variations (especially in re-worked white over red areas).  Thomas is said to have had a deep connection to the Rose Hill neighborhood of Columbus where flower beds were in bloom nearly year round.  Some see bark patterns, others see rotated and turned canvas, and some see something like a window in the middle of the piece.  Close examination reveals a near weaving pattern with multiple reds in blood orange, deep red, dusty or dusky reds, and a bit of blood or burgundy red.  

The work is a gift to the National Gallery of Art by fellow Georgian, Vincent Melzac and the lecture notes for this article came primarily from the book, “Alma Thomas Phantasmagoria, major paintings from the 1970s” by Alma Thomas, publisher Michael Rosenfeld Galleries (2001).  You can see the work in the East Wing of the Washington DC’s National Gallery of Art and learn more by docent tour guide.  Thomas is a celebration for African American artists as well as for Women’s History.

lange to participate in artdc.org's hyattsville group show

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Artdc.org‘s new gallery space at 5710 Baltimore Avenue in Hyattsville will be featuring a 12 x 12 Group Show to coincide with the second annual downtown Hyattsville Arts Festival on Saturday, May 16th from 11 -5.  The show is unique in that it offers art lovers a wide array of DC artist techniques and styles in a central location.  Additionally, all proceeds go directly to the artists.

Shauna Lee Lange Arts Advisory & Design Studios will be showing two 12 x 12 works featuring GLUEfilm.  The works will incorporate vintage victorian images in collage style and will most probably be based on themes incorporating Father’s Day.   More to come on this post in the future.  

lange to hold art journaling workshop @ dc conspiracy counter culture festival

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Shauna Lee Lange Arts Advisory & Design Studios is scheduled to hold an art journaling workshop at this year’s DC Conspiracy Counter Culture Festival IV on Sunday, May 24, 2009.  The festival will be held at Vienna’s The Soundry and will feature comics, zines, arts and crafts and entertainment from 10 – 10.  Lange’s workshop will feature journaling materials, techniques, and inspiration sources as well as a list of art journal resources.  Admission is free and all ages are welcome.

lange's vintage collages on vinyl records to show at APW Gallery

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APW Gallery in Long Island City, New York has gained much interest of late due to its opening receptions that draw the hip, the young, and the artsy in something like 1,000 or more people crowding and smiling and happy about art. APW is also gaining note due to its edgy and unconventional shows – an upcoming scheduled exhibition is on flat skateboards.  

Art on Record which runs from May 1,2 009 – May 25, 2009 with an opening reception on May 1, 2009 from 6 – 8 is a open-themed show.  Artists submit up to 5 pieces on 12″ vinyl record.  Works can be in any medium and one of the things Lange loves about APW is its reasonable commission structure.

Lange, a self-taught and late emergent artist from the metropolitan DC area, will be submitting vintage collage works from reproduced chromolithographs on top of glueFOIL.  This will be Lange’s second showing in the greater Manhattan region. Results are shared below:  1) South Pacific 2) Tennessee Ford Spirituals 3) Christ is for Christmas and 4) Gardens of New York – all on vinyl records and three in original record sleeves.   





lange to participate in ARTOMATIC 09

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Here I will be posting information about our participation in DC’s 10th anniversary of ARTOMATIC (2009) which opens on May 29, 2009 and runs through July 5, 2009.  

As a first-time ARTOMATIC participant, we will be conducting an on-going “installation” type of art journaling and collaging during the run of the show on the theme “How to Become an Artist”.  Lange will incorporate a variety of watercolors, colored pencil, markers, inks, papers, and collage techniques.  Stay posted for more.

featured artist: santa fe's chantal maltais oei encaustics

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Chantal Maltais Oei sent us over a note of the availability of her comprehensive portfolio of works through the Artworkinternational in Santa Fe, New Mexico.  She’s got a publication scheduled for release and entitled “Acquisitive/Inquisitive – Inquisitions” with an introduction by Hollis Walker.  

This is the problem with art postcards.  You don’t always get the full picture – and it took us a few minutes to grasp the body of work.  Chantal is actually a mixed media artist who works with encaustics and wood and she’s gaining fame through incorporating found objects and images.  Her blog features sculpture, travel series works, and an impressive short story series (none of the images from her site could be reposted here).  She’s shown at the Turner Carroll Gallery and appears in Santa Fe when she’s not traveling.

glueFOIL and gluefilm by streuter: artist review

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This article is a work in progress as this week we received from the good folks over at Strueter Technologies, Inc.  some very exciting new artists’ supplies.  

glueFOIL is a gluefilm laminated craft foil available in copper, aluminum, and stainless steel.  It’s easy to apply, easy to cut, has an acid-free adhesive, and repositionable if you just reheat, and works on wood, glass, plastic, paper and more.  The standard 8.5″ x 11.) sheets can be applied using a craft iron or household iron, a standard heat gun, an embossing heat tool, or a soldering iron with crafting tips.  You’d want to use glueFOIL if you were making jewelry, scrapbook pages, creative crafts, or maybe notebook covers and Streuter’s even gone so far to offer instructions on their site.  glueFOIL adheres to paper, chipboard, cardboard, ceramics, wood, felt, foam core, metals, glass, leather, and a bunch of other materials.  

gluefilm is an acid-free hot melt adhesive sheet which was member tested and recommended by the Creative Home Arts Club.  It’s easy to use, quick curing, strong bonding, and no mess.  Standard 12″ x 12″ sheets required a heat source for application and are great on chipboard, embellishments, plastic, wood and metal.

In the next month or so, we’ll be trying gluefilm on vintage chromolithograph collages in preparation for our exhibit at the Hyattsville, MD show in May.  We’ll also be trying glueFOIL on old music records in preparation for our exhibit at Long Island City’s APW Gallery show in May.  Visit back to read and see our updates.

featured artist: north carolinian fiberworker sharron parker

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North Carolinian’s Sharron Parker sent us over a quick note from her ArtSpace studios to introduce us to her beautiful handmade fiber works.  We particularly loved the felting method and design.  Parker received an undergraduate degree from Duke University and a masters degree from UNC-Greensboro, studying education, art, and interior design. She continued her study in textiles with classes at Penland School of Crafts, where she has returned to teach workshops in feltmaking. Her work has been exhibited throughout the U.S. and, under the Art in Embassies Program, has recently been exhibited in Turkmenistan and Armenia.  Last month she was at the Craft Council‘s show at the Baltimore Convention Center.