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art calendar's studio makeover contest

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Enter Art Calendar’s Studio Makeover Contest, featuring more than $9,000 in prizes.

Tell Art Calendar why you think you should win a studio makeover and provide them with a photo of your current art studio. The Art Calendar Studio Makeover Contest is FREE to enter and runs from May 1, 2009 until July 31, 2009. Three winners will be selected and announced in the October 2009 issue of Art Calendar!

Grand Prize – $8,000 in prizes
Second Prize – $750 in prizes
Third Prize – $350 in prizes

All winners will also be included in an editorial feature in the November 2009 issue of Art Calendar!

The Grand Prize Winner will videotape their studio transformation with a camera provided by Art Calendar.

Please make sure to read the eligibility requirements and rules for the contest and remember we specialize in transforming metropolitan DC artist’s studios – so if you need a little help, give us a buzz today.



the new artist's tool: moo mini cards

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After re-reading The Fine Artists Career Guide:  Making Money in Arts and Beyond by Daniel Grant (who by the way has a whole bevy of art career books to his name with Allworth Press), we were inspired to re-create our very own business cards.

Grant is a big believer in the “get”  – the things that help artists stand out in the crowd and promotion is BIG on his list.  We had previously seen Moo Cards – mini business cards and were inspired to draft up our unique slice of the pie.  After easily and quickly loading some of our own artwork on the site and then selecting the right crop, we waited about two weeks for delivery and simply could not be happier with the quality or end result. 

The benefit of Moo Cards is now we have something extra to talk about when handing out the card – the image that appears on the front as a series from our very own artwork (we uploaded 30 images).  It’s a highly visual world according to Daniel Pink’s Right Brainers Will Rule the World book and it requires a new approach on marketing, a fresh breeze of air, and smart thinking. 


the indefatigable artist: alton tobey

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Joe Dolice is curator for the estate of the late artist Alton S. Tobey (1914-2005) and is actively selling Tobey’s work to collectors, galleries, museums and other art buyers.   

Alton Tobey was born in Middletown, CT and received his BFA and MFA at the Yale School of Fine Arts and later taught there for four years.  He also taught at the City College of New York and served as juror for many prestigious art competitions.  Tobey’s work is in over 30 museums and in important government, corporate and private art collections.  He has had over 50 one-man exhibitions and his work has been published in over a dozen national magazines and books.  He has over three dozen historic murals to his name. 

A November ’07 feature article on Tobey and his work in Illustration Magazine  is at http://www.altontobey.com/illusarticle.pdf.  Tobey’s colorful history is found at http://altontobey.com/man.html.  A portion appears below: 

Tobey is well known for his indefatigable sense of humor. Always ready to deliver a pun or comic statement with an absolutely straight face, some of this humor can also be found in the social activities he pursued and sometimes even in his paintings. The two humorous paintings below, of “Dogs Playing Golf” (possibly inspired by C. M. Coolidge’s series of “Dogs Playing Poker”) were published as offset lithographs; and his scathingly satirical tree showing the “Evolution of Man”  … appeared in National Lampoon magazine in its January 1974 issue. Like many other artists who were best-known or well-known for “serious” art, Tobey often signed these works with a pseudonym known only to his intimates, or he did not sign them at all.



happy earth day

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most especially to lauren …

In Tune With Mother Nature

If you listen for the songbirds
As they greet the summer sun,
And love the way the wind can make
The trees sings just for fun;

If you like to hear the ocean
As it drums upon the shore,
And imagine all the whales out there,
And hope they’ll sing some more;

If you think of all the animals
As players in a band,
Each with a lovely tune to play,
All needed on the land;

And know that as a boy or girl
A woman or a man
You have a vital role to play
In Mother Nature’s plan;

If you honor every living thing
As a part of nature’s treasure
You’re in tune with Mother Nature
So let’s all sing her song together.


littleputbooks: beautiful accordion notebooks & more

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We were searching ETSY the whole wide world over for a very specific type of accordion notebook, sketchbook or journal and came across the adorable littleputbooks shoppe.  Littleputbooks has been featured on several blogs, Parent Magazine, Martha Stewart and Good Morning America.  Not bad for a cottage industry venture!  What I also love are the project updates on littleput’s blog.  Anyway, these adorable accordion notebooks (1st image) and hand-crafted journals (2nd image) are available at very reasonable prices AND littleput will make to order.  Now that’s just nice. 

The accordion books are wrapped in hand-dyed silk ribbon.  These books are bound with fine washi and domestic etching print making paper. They are an exquisite and original keepsake.  Each book opens to 16″x4″ and folds neatly into a 1″x4″ book.  Patterns vary slightly from books in photo, intricate washi prints make each set an original.



featured artist: cornwall's coastline inspires abstractionist billington

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Chris Billington is a contemporary abstractionist working from his studio in Falmouth (UK), mainly with acrylics and primarily self-taught, but also having studied abstract coastal and still life painting at The Penzance School of Art.  He is constantly inspired by Cornwall and it’s irridescent coastline. Often his sense of blueness of the sea and the ocean is evident throughout, and through his work he is trying to express, not just the environment as he sees it but also what he feels about it.  The work is his representation and interpretation of the land he grew up in and is inspirational as work derived from a sense of home and place.

We were particularly taken with his Cornish mining industry work (with which he produced a solo show of over 20 pieces).  For example, Levant, is a painting based on The Levant Mine.  Working almost continually and without interruption, in excess of 24,000 tons of tin and 130,000 tons of copper were produced during it’s 110 year life.

Levant’s main mine workings stretched along the coast in the area of St. Just in Penwith, approximately 7 miles north west of Penzance, and it reached 350 fathoms at it’s deepest level and extended way out under the floor of the Atlantic Ocean. Access to the lower levels was achieved by sinking two shafts out under the sea.  In 1919 Levant suffered a tragic mining disaster when the main-rod broke on the man-engine and of the 150 miners being brought up from below at the time more than 30 men and boys were killed and many more were seriously injured.

Levant was operational from 1820 until it’s closure in 1930. It was de-watered in the 1960’s by Geevor and was briefly worked again before passing into the care of The National Trust in 1967. It has steadily undergone a program of renovation and now features a fully working steam operated beam engine which is open to the general public on specific days.

gifted DC fashion illustrator hopes to find his "place"

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Sometimes it is just nearly heartbreaking to receive a call from a young, gifted and talented artist.  Especially so when they are self-taught, struggling and market-knowledge poor – you can almost feel the angst.  They’re the types who are working unrelated, boring and stifling day jobs just to be able to draw at the end of the day and Rodney Jamon Woodland is feeling the pinch.  He’s got an interesting set of problems.  First, he both lives for and loves illustration and second, he ALSO does fashion illustration but doesn’t sew. 

Is there a place for a fashion illustrator in the DC art market, he asks?  Everyone tells him to go up to New York and he brightly says to this art advisor – if I go up to New York, won’t I just be competing with everyone ELSE?  Yup, and with no formal training.  So I give him a few (free) basic pointers, and like most artists he doesn’t yet have his marketing package polished and ready to go (STEP NUMBER ONE PEOPLE!) – but those fashion illustrations?  Wow!  Style AND Grace.

Woodland explains, “I just know if I could just get the right people to see my illustrations, I’d be in!  I’ve been gifted.”  And therein is the challenge for all artists – the right connections at the right time when the world is spinning at 30 degrees and the moon is a Brubel’s Snow Maiden blue and you haven’t done anything lately to deserve some bad karma.  Networking!  Networking!  Networking!  Creative Thinking!  Creative Thinking!  Creative Thinking!  So while Woodland ponders some of our early advice, here’s a few peaks at two of his recent creations. 



reworked quick sketch

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holy prayer card collage: marguerite bourgeoys (premier institutrice)

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paper source paper flowers

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Christine and I took Penelope’s paper flower construction class today over at Paper Source in Alexandria where we learned the best weight of paper to use in constructing large paper flowers, the template size, how to use grommets and eyelits, ways of using punches to make multiple cut-outs, and the difference between bone scoring and teflon scoring tools.  While we were there, we saw some beautiful, almost cloth, papers both treated and untreated with glazing.  Just gorgeous.