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a recent visit to national museum of women in the arts

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We’ve been trying to take an “art date” each month as recommended by Julia Cameron and it serves two purposes – it gets one out of the house, creating new energy and it forces one to look at art one might not normally be attracted to.  For example, in our arts advisory business we see a tremendous number of images each day – some photographs, some art journals, others outsider artists, and we’re always looking at what’s in current news.  That kind of art isn’t always what’s being exhibited in museums and we recently went over to the National Museum of Women in the Arts in DC to see Mary McFadden‘s gowns.  Textiles and fashion design aren’t really our thing, but it’s interesting to see McFadden’s use of drapery, her designs for long and lean (smaller endowed) women (much like herself), and the elegant brocading she’s attracted to.  You can definitely spot a McFadden from a mile or so away.

Anyway, while we were at the museum, we keyed into a few other images we wanted to share and we were thrilled that NMWA has TWO additional Alma Thomas works (you may wish to see the previous post on Red Rose Cantata).  I love the mystery of Thomas and am still trying to understand her inner nature.  The more I look at the work the more I see a naturalist.  But the more I learn about the artist, the more I see a reclusive feminist and you can recognize her works from a mile or so away also, but a for a different reason.  I also took the opportunity to get a really close and very private look (I was the only one in the museum other than the security guards) at Louise Nevelson’s work (and I prefer the piece at the Portrait Gallery on F Street – so get over there to see that too).  I don’t normally look at a lot of wood sculpture and I do believe the graining of the wood in these magnificent pieces lend to their unrepeatability.  So here are some highlights of current exhibits at NMWA.  If you go, plan your visit around 11:30 – lunch in the stunning mezzanine!


NMWA Mezzanine

NMWA Mezzanine


Louise Nevelson (detail)

Louise Nevelson (detail), reflections of a waterfall II, 1982, painted wood


alma thomas

alma thomas, iris, tulips, jonquils & crocuses, 1969, acrylic on canvas


alma thomas

alma woodsey thomas, orion, 1973, oil on canvas

frieda kahlo

frida kahlo, self portrait dedicated to leon trotsky, 1937, oil on masonite


annie liebovitz of dolly parton

annie leibovitz of dolly parton in pigeon forge tn 2002, gelatin silver print


Isabel Bishop, Campus Students I, 1972, oil on board


international museum of women (imow) needs you!

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The International Museum of Women is promoting their project “Imagining Ourselves” which is designed in part to identify the issues, ideas and inspiration among a global generation of women.  Visitors to the on line site can choose a theme (such as culture and conflict), hear stories about that theme, join in on the conversation, and then take action on the theme. With members from over 228 countries represented, it’s a powerful site and can take a couple of hours (or days) to really absorb. 

The project is the brainchild of Founder and Director Paula Goldman who writes:Can a conversation change your life?  I started the Imagining Ourselves project in the Fall of 2001, in the wake of September 11th.  I felt helpless about the state of the world, and struggled with how to make a difference.  The spark came during a casual breakfast with a girlfriend.  We brainstormed about showcasing the vitality of our generation as a way of inspiring young women to action.

Since then, I have talked with thousands of young women in every corner of the globe, and have been stunned by the courage and accomplishments of our generation.  We are not only participating in record numbers in the workforce and educational arenas.  We are also charting new paths in our families and in our personal lives — and contributing positive solutions of the most serious problems facing our communities. 

Many doores have been opened to our generation of women.  It is now up to us to decide how to use these privileges to create the world we want to live in for generations to come.  By adding your voice to this conversation, you have the opportunity to inspire your peers to create the better future that is possible only through our collective efforts. 


kelly kilmer's brilliant books (and alterations therein)

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Here are some of Kelly Kilmer’s new works in the form of little paper books (photos 1 -5), reclaimed altered artists books (photos 6 -10) and wisdom books (photos 11 – 15).  Kelly’s an amazing mixed media artist out of Los Angeles who has been steadily building her own following on her blog at http://kellykilmerworkshops.blogspot.com/2009/05/classes-june-4th-7th-la-ventura-and.html.  We LOVE the henna hands. 



today's inspiration

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"The greatest glory in living lies not in never failing, but in rising every time we fail."

~ Nelson Mandela

wayland house seeks distributors

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Maurice Sharpe from DC sent us a note to say they are always looking for additional outlets and distributors for the work by artist, Wayland House – an original woodblock printer. You can view images at www.waylandhouseart.com. Please give them a buzz if your clients are interested in these items.

marian galczenski's color resources

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One of the most comprehensive color resource sites on the Internet was created by educator and artist Marian Galczenski.  A treasure trove for artists, it includes general color overviews, topics on vision, color science, design, color interaction, optical illusions, psychology of color, color therapy, color vision deficiency, synethesia, a section on pigments and dyes, stage lighting and color, bibliographies, organizations, color products and artists materials.  Wow. 

rutgers feminist art project

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Yesterday I shared with you the Sackler Art Base at the Brooklyn Museum and today I want to key you in to The Feminist Art Project at Rutgers.  The Feminist Art Project is especially interested in feminist art, women artists or visual arts topics related to gender.  They’ve established regional groups to support their efforts, they maintain an intensive events calendar of feminist art activities, and they provide educational resources, art education and syllabi, and art resources in education.

The Feminist Art Project is sponsored by some pretty heavy hitters in the art world including, Women’s Caucus for Art, Arttable, National Museum of Women in the Arts, MICA, Institute for Women and Art, and BCIE among others.  The Feminist Art Project recently suffered a temporary blow with the temporary closure of the program due to budgetary constraints, but is expected to get back in full swing on July 1, 2009.  We can’t wait to see what the new academic year brings.

doodle formula giveaway

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The giveaway for your free copy of Adrienne Looman’s book The Doodle Formula rules are as follows:

1. Leave one comment on this post anytime between now, and Thursday night at 11:59 PM Eastern Time.  You are limited to one entry.  Feel free to link this giveaway on your blog, or share it with anyone you feel is a true art journal addict.  If you have a blog, I would love a link back, but it is certainly not required for entry into the contest.

2. For this contest, I will pick one winner at random from the comments section of this post.  The comments will be numbered in the order they are received, i.e. the first comment is #1, the second #2, and so on.  The Random Integer Generator at random.org will be used to pick the number of the winner.

3. The contest winner will be posted on Friday, May 29th.  The winner will have one week to email me their mailing info at shaunaleelange@gmail.com.

4. The contest is limited to US residents.  

Thanks, and good luck!


lisette lugo's west coast sound impressions

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Lisette Lugo recently dropped us a note to let us know she’d be showing in Menlo Park California at Mara’s in Menlo.  Lisette’s got a pretty interesting idea about the visual representation of sound which she carries out on her encaustics on birch panels – shown below are Pitch and Melodic.  Thing is, that’s not the most interesting thing about her.  

Lugo’s with an organization called Art Without Boundaries where she practices her Mneme Therapy.  Art Without Boundaries focuses on Alzheimer, stroke and autism disabilities by using singing, movement and directed art painting for brain stimulation.  Clients aged 2 – 103 are encourage to achieve attentive focus and if that’s not enough, Lugo even opened the San Francisco Penninsula Chapter of Art Without Boundaries!  That’s just orchestral to our ears.  

nancy pane fortwengler's pastel ballet in white

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Nancy Pane Fortwengler will be shortly celebrating her solo show at Alexandria’s  The Art League from June 4 – July 6, 2009 (opening reception June 11th at 6:30pm).  The show, Fabrications, is a testament to transparency, layered work, textiles and movement for this pastel artist.  

It so happens that coincidentally I’ve been re-reading Victoria Finlay’s book, Color:  A Natural History of the Palette.  Finlay takes a chapter to discuss the history and origins of white from lead white paint to Whistler’s Woman in White to the white houses of England and Wales.  The entire book is a fascinating journey and it’s lead me to concentrate particularly on pastel works (which is not my preferred medium) in the painstaking detail of Fortwengler’s studied style.  Below are three pieces from her Dresses collection that capture the spirit of a white light wind and a beautiful melody.  


Nancy Pane Fortwengler, Exploration, Oil on Linen

Nancy Pane Fortwengler, Exploration, Oil on Linen


Nancy Pane Fortwengler, Taking Flight, Pastel

Nancy Pane Fortwengler, Taking Flight, Pastel

 Nancy Pane Fortwengler, Uninhibited, Pastel

Nancy Pane Fortwengler, Uninhibited, Pastel



Whistler, The White Girl/The Woman in White

Whistler, The White Girl/The Woman in White