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art inspiration: indonesian bracelets with batik patterns

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Here’s some fabulous color inspiration from flickr’s photographer “iheartbeatles” while she was in malioboro, yogyakarta, indonesia.


art journal: oh frida please come to me now

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In this art journal page, I am still experimenting with the deposit of the watercolor (Schmincke) on paper. You’ll note in the borders the paint deposit is purposely much heavier. ¬†I also tried playing with the brush a bit to see what different effects I could get in blending the color – here I am happy with both the light and deep hues of each color region. ¬†

It was also interesting to see how the color (yellow) easily went over the Sharpie black marker,¬†but not too much so. ¬†With a toothy paper, it’s amazing how the color deposits just seem to know where to go. ¬†I am also playing with the veining of¬†Frida¬†Kahlo‘s heart arteries and thorny plant life (ever-present in much of her work) down through other regions of the page. ¬†If I were to try another rendition of this piece, I think I’d like a more¬†olive-green¬†in the top half, with the blue carried on the bottom half. ¬†What I do¬†currently¬†love, is the small coral and salmon fields in the “oh frida” section.¬†

“Oh Frida please come to me now” is a prayer piece for tenacity, perseverance, and for all long-suffering women artists. ¬†

art journal: i am two faced man

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Today’s art journal page is inspired by all those who walk around in inauthenticity, delusions of grandeur, and the web of deceit. ¬†It is a compilation mixed-media page with collage, marker, watercolor pencil, watercolors, Sharpie pens, and gel highlighters. ¬†I tried wet pencil on dry paper and quickly learned a toothy paper isn’t the best for this technique. ¬†I’m still getting a feel for what materials can be layered on top of others, and how much water the paper will withstand.

Also, it took me a little longer than I had planned to finish the piece, so I lost my natural light for photography. ¬†The work is actually a bit more on the yellow/green scale than is shown with 8pm lighting above. Look at the lower left, “I am 2 faced man”. ¬†The “n” got chopped off! ¬†I still need a bit of practice taking the right photos, or I need to break down and use the scanner. ¬†On second thought, the scan is the second image below – see the difference! ¬†The upper left of the inner most frame is purposely unfinished, because the 2 faced man is always unfinished with his incongruent lies and always unfinished putting on the mask of the day, no matter what time it is.


art studio: library work (in progress)

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The house here has an unusual master bedroom setup that flows right off the main entranceway. ¬†Previously, the room shown contained a formal dining room that the occupants simply weren’t using (there’s another dining room elsewhere). ¬†So as you’d come out of the master bedroom on the left, you’d walk around that dining room table in this very small alcove. ¬†It wasn’t long before the dining room table started becoming a catchall and the solution was to reconvert the room into a library.

We’ve moved the existing bookshelves and as of yet unorganized books into the room along with an ottoman set to open up the space. ¬†This is a work in progress, and we’ll update you as it is finished. ¬†The idea is that providing a reading area where the former formal dining room existed will create a smoother transition from the bedroom into the remaining areas of the house AND will add the benefit of providing yet another little cozy getaway for the occupants. Tip when working with bookshelves – shelves at the same uniform height (and not varied) will go easier on the eye and help create a line around the room. ¬†What we might need to do here to create a really stunning space is to cover all those books in some fabulous theme as shown below in Home Designing – but I hate to think of it. ¬†Another tip for shelves is to add items of interest in unlike shapes and sizes. ¬†Here’s where a sphere or a conical interest piece can really make the difference. ¬†

home library

art studio: redesigned living room

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This living room is long enough to split into two separate living functions, a tv and sitting area and a dining room with a main entrance area between the two. ¬†Where we’ve moved the dining table now used to be a cluttered entrance way which quickly dampened spirits when you entered through the main door. ¬†Here’s the revised space – I think some pink tone candles and new pillows in pink & green will tie the space in beautifully with the existing living room part. ¬†I also hope to add some plants in window sills to the right.

The artwork on the left and right were gifts, and the photograph in the center came from a federal surplus sale about four years ago. ¬†I love it because it features a crossroads where it is said (and been experienced) that if you stand alone in the center of the intersection, mystical earthly energies and spiritual heavenly energies will come your way. ¬†A quick trip to Ikea provided the silver frames and mats. ¬†Table is from Vinny’s Antiques, custom-made glass table top from Del Ray Glass, candlesticks and runner from Home Goods (note, placing the runner below the glass is a great way to keep it clean & pristine). Leather chairs from Marshalls, and the prettiest pink and green flowered napkin rings from Not Too Shabby Consignments. ¬†

This project was a total of two hours. ¬†One hour to move all pre-existing books and bookcases out, computer pieces, ottomans, bags of old vinyl records (it helps to get up the night before at 2:30 a.m. and have it all mapped out in your mind before hand). ¬†One hour to move all dining furniture in, clean the floor, hang the artwork, take the photo. ¬†(We’ve moved a LOT and are¬†consummate¬†fast professionals.) ¬†What do you think?


art resource: the arts map

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Have you heard yet about the new Arts Map? ¬†¬†www.TheArtsMap.com, the internet’s first interactive worldwide map focusing on artists, arts organizations, galleries, museums, and more.

The usefulness of The Arts Map will increase as more artists, galleries, museums, arts venues, arts organizations, and other arts related institutions create markers.

If you’re in the arts, you might benefit from being “on the map”. ¬†Basic Listings on The Arts Map are FREE and will REMAIN FREE FOREVER. You can sign up by going to¬†http://www.theartsmap.com/account.php¬†and filling in the forms.

Image Credit:  Artist Elizabeth LeCourt has a lovely line of art in the form of clothing made from detailed maps of the world. Shown here: dresses based on maps of London and Paris. Link 

art journal: watching for cardinal to fly on by

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Today’s art journal page “watching for cardinal to fly on by” was inspired out of some horrendous ground clearing that’s been happening in my backyard. Developers are building townhouses and they’ve been cutting down all the trees. ¬†Here’s a photo of Monday of this week. ¬†I nearly cried. ¬†

When on Wednesday I awoke at 5:30 a.m. to this sight below outside our front yard, I knew for sure that the bird watching we had enjoyed was coming to an end.

So I wanted to make a tribute to this one little special cardinal who had become my friend since January of this year.  It was she that I was going to miss the most.  

The funny thing is, and this so often happens in sketchbooks, I ended up with a tribute also to the baseball team The Cardinals when I realized my “to fly” looked like a fast curve ball from the pitcher’s mound. ¬†That’s what life is, a lot of fast curve balls, no? ¬†And no cardinal flying around today. ¬†Maybe tomorrow. ¬†

art product review: art spiral sketch book

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I am just in love with my newly found favorite Japanese made sketch book, the Art Spiral. ¬†It has a laminated stiff cover and back that allows for easel-style presentation and/or in-lap support when you’re drawing. ¬†It’s readily available on the market with a variety of colors and priced inexpensively (I paid $4.50 for the one above). ¬†A Maruman’s double wire spiral binding is firmly in place. ¬†Considered one of the most useful sketch books ever created, these offer front label for identification of¬†artist, subject matter and date range of works and a tie for allowing for stand up presentation¬†of artwork. The robust 8 lb super sized paper and lovely surface texture is¬†excellent for all media. ¬†The CARnet planning & design team did a great job with this 120 lb white sketch paper with 48 pages of acid free neutral pH paper. ¬†The 10 x 7″ is right for my portable book bag. ¬†Happiness DOES come in small packages! ¬†

art product review: TUL liquid highlighter pens

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My husband’s in what one would call “the dog house”, so he brought home some TUL liquid highlighter pens to make nice (some girls want flowers, others want art supplies). These pocket highlighters are quite sturdy and come in two packet sizes. ¬†My hubby bought a pack of five of your standard highlighter colors (yellow, green, blue, orange and pink). ¬†All are a vibrant neon flourescent, the TUL’s have the distinct advantage of not only having a pocket clip, but also a built-in bezel loop which would fit nicely around all those lanyards and name tags you see worker bees wearing. ¬†It’s a smooth glider with a nicely angled (chisel tip) nib, easy for drawing across the page or for writing. ¬†You can see through a portion of the color-coded barrel of the pen, so you’ll know when you’re about to run dry. ¬†I like the weight, portability, and the design font used for the name logo on the barrel. ¬†Call me crazy. ¬†


  • Quick-dry ink creates vivid, transparent strokes
  • Chiseled tip enables sharp, accurate highlighting
  • Nontoxic, odorless
  • Visible ink supply
  • Plastic Clip
  • Assorted 5 pack includes Fluorescent Yellow, Fluorescent Blue, Fluorescent Pink, Fluorescent Orange and Fluorescent Green
  • Assorted 10 pack includes Fluorescent Yellow, Fluorescent Blue, Fluorescent Pink, Fluorescent Orange, Fluorescent Green, Purple, Coral, Indigo, Red and Violet

art studio: converting closets to creative corners

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We’ve been looking at a lot of closet and very small space renovations that have been converted to office spaces and creative corners and it seems Everything Etsy has been busy doing the same thing – Kim’s posted five examples and we wanted to share two.

img gettoworklg ss3

Image #1 above is of an adorable, magazine showplace style dual-desk in blue, brown and white. ¬†It’s clean, crisp, and functional. ¬†(Desk Plans are here.) What really makes this work is the fabric seat covering and the right scale bookshelves. ¬†What’s missing is a rug for those chairs so they don’t scratch the laminate wood flooring. ¬†I’d also be interested in shelving on both sides of the unit, and would be looking to double the bookcases back to back or I’d be looking for some open shelving using the same design principles shown. ¬†


Image #2 is of a more realistic in-home closet makeover. ¬†Personally, I find the red walls a bit overcharged for such a small place and the congestion on the floor a bit limiting. ¬†I’d replace the hanging black spice rack with a vision board of sorts (with inspirational messages – a chalkboard or cork board would also work) and I’d be looking for healthier lighting along with some fabric to soften the space (pillows for the chairs) or draped fabric from the table to the floor. ¬†Under shelf organizational tools (such as trays, tape dispensers, etc.) would have further cleared some desk space for this¬†scrap booker. ¬†Instructions (note how much bigger the space looks when its white) and step by step photos of how this tiny closet was converted to a creative space can be found on¬†Making This Home.