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mission buffet cabinet

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This large pine(?) buffet cabinet is unfinished but has hand detailing and scrolling work.  A very rustic (almost Mission or Mexican styled) piece, it is clean and free of water damage or bugs.  There is some very minor surface damage on the lower front left leg from where the piece was scraped.  Also, some panels in the back are loose or need repair.

She measures 53″ long x 18″ deep x 42″ in height and is beautiful as is or if you refinished/repainted.  This is a local pickup only (we’re in Key West) and you’ll need a large pickup or SUV.  Offered by Lange Auction House of Key West at 305.240.9008 or langeauctionhouse@gmail.com.

gold painted colorful porcelain ware

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One of the saddest days I had last year was when I had to return to my brother a gift he had purchased for me in Taiwan.  We were minimizing and I am a big believer in keeping art pieces in the family.  So the vase my brother had gifted featured a gold background and it had in it a gorgeous blue dragon.  I loved the shape and the size and much like the vase above, it was a true color beauty (maybe he’ll read this and send it back to us now!).

Gold painted colorful porcelain wares are normally made by adopting 24 Karat gold water and various color glaze substances to be used as painting materials.  They are then applied to the surface of the porcelain ware and form delicate and brilliant patterns by hand-painted techniques of artisans.  Depending on the type of color glaze substances used on the surface, the clay ware is often baked between 900 degrees Celsius to 1250 degrees, necessary to fix the color glazes.

A Chinese porcelain-ware displaying battles be...

Image via Wikipedia

At this point, the 24 Karat gold water is used for painting and the porcelain ware is again baked between 800 – 900 degrees Celsius.  The gold glazed porcelain ware is produced by such a multiple layered painting and repeated baking process, that each piece forms a delicate pattern, worthy of our collection and appreciation.

In Taiwan, there is a Taiwanese Handicraft Promotion Center in Taipei; it is a foundation devoted to the development of the handicraft industry in Taiwan.  The technique is relatively the same globally, the plate above is made in China.

mont blanc meisterstuck 4810 model 149 fountain pen – 18K gold nib

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Do your research!  This is the only authentic Mont Blanc Meisterstuck 4810 Model 149 Fountain Pen which has an 18K nib, a black precious resin & gold accent barrel, and a handsome clip top (which is screw top).  The pen has no original paperwork, but is authenticated by the nib which reads “4810, 14C, Montblanc 585″.  The gold band around the body is engraved “Montblanc Meisterstuck No. 149″.  There is no serial number on this pen as it was manufactured prior to 1991.  The nib size is medium.  The body is smooth and of a solid weight.  It measures approximately 5.9”.  The snowflake logo is at the top of the pen as shown.

This is a classic.  No ink cartridges here, you draw the ink up from a piston filler with a clear window showing the ink level drawn from the inkwell. Don’t have one of those?  No problem.  We’ll throw in a Mont Blanc Indigo Ink Well – 50 ml brand new (a $19.00 value).
As gold increases, so does the price of this pen.  Listed as of 1/22/11, to purchase it new is $799.  Our pen is in excellent condition and only lovingly used.  It improves your writing style just by holding it.  Our seller says, “It’s a friend for life.”  The pen has been tested for ink, currently carries ink with NO LEAKS.  It perfectly works.  Pen does not have original case.

All 100% Genuine Mont Blanc!

Good luck and happy bidding.

Please bid with absolute confidence.

Offered by Lange Auction House of Key West at 305.240.9008 or langeauctionhouse@gmail.com.  Allow for delays in shipping for inclement winter weather.  We take pride and care in all our shipping – in this case shipping costs will include insurance/tracking.



glass plate slide pope jean xxii (1334)

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This glass portrait slide plate is of Pope Jean XXII.  The slide was originally acquired in the late 1990’s from the famous Vinnie’s Antique Store in Seekonk, MA –  it is in pristine condition given it’s age.  Measures 3″vertically by 4″ horizontal it features the papal crest, crown and garments on a wide-eyed, young and noble-nosed Pope.
The back is marked in original tape the following:  Pope Jean XXII Portrait (Papal Palace in Avignon, France.)  M.C. Julien Neg. 8x -108.  From our search we learned that the Reverend M.C. Julien was at one time, the pastor of the North Church of New Bedford.  At one time, he was also the pastor of the New Bedford, MA Congregational Church and served at the trial of Lizzy Borden (you read that right!)
Our search also revealed the following relative to Pope Jean XXII:  Pope Jean XXII (1249 – December 4, 1334), born Jacques Duèze (or d’Euse), was pope from 1316 to 1334. He was the second Pope of theAvignon Papacy (1309–1377), elected by a conclave in Lyon assembled by Philip V of France. Like his predecessor, Clement V, he centralized power and income in the Papacy, living a princely life in Avignon and funding his court and wars.[1] He opposed Louis IV of Bavariaas emperor, and Louis in turn invaded Italy and set up an antipope, Nicholas V. Pope Jean XXII faced controversy in theology involving his views on the Beatific Vision, and he opposed the Franciscan understanding of the poverty of Christ and his apostles. He canonized St.Thomas Aquinas.  This slide is being offered by Lange Auction House of Key West at 3005.240.9008 or langeauctionhouse@gmail.com. Please allow for delivery delays due to inclement weather in other parts of the country.

purr fect thrift store – not so

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Today I visited the Purr Fect Thrift Store in Marathon Key at 3850 Overseas Highway, directly across from the City Park, in the historic Overseas Lounge building.  We visit other stores because we routinely make it our business to know what’s being offered in resale, where and for how much.  I often will travel to see various antique stores, consignment stores or secondhand stores and try to do so at least once a week.  At first impression, Purr Fect is apparently named for its resident felines, who by the way, were sitting atop a child’s high chair during my visit – ah, yuck.

Purr Fect is a new, three-room thrift store with good visibility, parking and access.  The entry-way is a small foyer with an office, register, and some jewelry and artwork (one piece which I though I recognized from a recent yard sale).  There was a china set already missing several pieces being sold as a “set”, when I asked the cashier if they would break it up (I wanted the sugar bowl), he said, “No, cause it’ll be easier to sell as a set.”  I wanted to ask him how long it had already been in the store, but didn’t.  If he wanted to pass on a sale when it was obvious I had been the only person in the place all morning, then that’s his business.

The second room had mostly sunglasses, kitchen ware and minor household goods like small works of art, candlesticks, pocketbooks (handbags), but everything was dirty.  I picked up several small containers with lids (covered bowls and such) to use as storage for game pieces we have and everything had dirt and grime in it.  This is okay when you’re moving stuff pretty quickly, but certainly not when it appears to have been sitting on the shelves for some time.  To add insult to injury, the attendant was reading the newspaper when I arrived, gave me less than an enthusiastic hello, and I couldn’t help but think, “who has time to do that when they’re trying to launch and market a new business”, and “shouldn’t you be cleaning this place up”?  Again, tidy but dirty.

The third room had bigger and bulkier items, lamps, luggage pieces, christmas ornaments, toys and a wood hope chest that looked like it had promise, but unfortunately it was stuffed with old pillows.  If you’ve got a great piece, it needs to be showcased to avoid buyers having to rearrange your displays.  I didn’t see any real antique items or unusual items, this appeared to be a thrift store of modern and unwanted used goods.  I did notice on the way out there was a sign for accepting donations, so perhaps that accounts for the contents.  All in all, a store space and a layout with a lot of promise, but only if the owners make a dedicated effort to sell upscale, clean, older items in an attractive setting.  Hey, what do I know?  Also on the way out, I passed a very tanned shirtless bicycle man (homeless?) who had just purchased a cane basket for the front of his bike.  Like they say, one man’s trash IS another man’s treasure.

Now, let me quickly add that I later learned that all items sold at Purr Fect benefit Forgotten Felines, funding their efforts to feed, medicate, spay and neuter abandoned cats in the Middle Keys to prevent over population and once I knew that, it all clicked together.  The store  is volunteer run so hours may vary slightly, but normally scheduled hours are between 1-4pm, seven days a week. If you’re in Marathon and want to volunteer (maybe to clean – bring some lysol and paper towels for the love of God) please call Forgotten Felines volunteer Sally at 305-896-0932.  Sally is also accepting donations which are 100% tax-deductible.  You know, cats like to live in clean environments too.

fortune with other people’s junk

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We recently reviewed GG Carbone’s “How to Make a Fortune with Other People’s Junk“.  An interesting read, Carbone keeps you moving through informative and varied chapters and no wonder.  As an eBay Power Seller, Carbone is no stranger to the world of second selling.  I’ve been keeping a list of the various naming conventions people use in referring to sales for some time, and my list has grown to over 42 names now.  Carbone walks you through the differences in a rummage sale, white elephant sale, estate sale or church bazaar (to list a few).  Did you know porch sales originated in Maine?

The sections on growing your resale business could have used a bit of amping up, but we especially liked and appreciated tips for making the most of your Saturday or Sunday hunt, how to size up the sale by body language, and how to navigate savvy dealers such as ourselves.  I attended a yard sale (it was actually a moving sale) this morning where I quickly assessed that the owner/occupants were of an age where the sale had taken its toll on them.  Items were wrapped in old newspaper in cardboard boxes and not ready at the 9am start time even though the sale had been advertised days before.  It was also obvious from the attitudes of the second-generation helpers that they were none to pleased to be having to manage everything.  This is information that is invaluable to a dealer, because we know that a person’s lifelong belongings (especially in a moving sale) are often valued at sentimental value rather than fair market or resale value.

In this particular example, which is outlined in the book as well, the moving owners had listed moderately current hardcover books at the used value prices available on eBay.  Books are wonderful and I love them, but they’re an albatross when you’re trying to ditch them quickly and so this is why standard yard sale prices are $1 – $2 for a hard cover book and .50 to $1 for a paperback (in good condition).  Dealers will take several of these off your hands if they’re marked accordingly.  But when I see a hardcover Betty Crocker cooking book for $8, I know the person researched on Amazon but isn’t using the variety of selling vehicles available through Amazon and this tells me that they’re trying to liquidate not only as quickly as possible, but for as much as possible.  Also, I’m not trying to be mean here, but if you insist on having part or all of your sale indoors, you ought to be sure that it’s relatively free of STRONG odors (cooking, pets, or other).  Where I normally would have taken a leisurely time in assessing book titles, I found myself moving VERY QUICKLY past the display.

If there’s a rule to estate sales, moving sales, or major life-changing sales, it has to be that it takes time, planning, strategy and forethought and that’s why you should seriously consider bringing in a professional rather than risking your own physical and mental health trying to lift boxes at 70+ years of age.  The point is, and I think Carbone would agree, if you’re going to get rid of your junk, that’s one thing.  If you’re trying to sell out for a move, that’s another entirely.  My heart went out to this family, and had the second-generation not been so plainly irritated at the whole endeavor, I would have taken the time to show and explain to them where they had gone wrong.  Or, they could have read Carbone’s book and figured it out for themselves, too.

martha stewart living: tag sales & flea markets

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We recently reviewed “Good Things with Martha Steward Living:  Good Things From Tag Sales and Flea Markets“.  A workbook of home decorating ideas, creative projects and tips on how to utilize your estate sales and antiquing finds, the book has Martha’s clean and simple taste for yesterday’s items.  Sections include a tutorial on glass, fabric and notions, kitchen ware and ceramics, hardware and salvage, and furniture.

Two sections really struck me, the first on wall-hung plates reminds me of a show I saw a few years back on Joan Rivers’ country kitchen which had a huge (and I mean over-the-top) display of milk glass and white china wear all architecturally constructed against a huge ceiling A-frame wall, transfer plates, and platters which gave the theme a really clean and distinctive feel.

The second is on glass jar terrariums.  I had been in the stores the other day thinking about some of the various sized glass urns with tops and how they’re filled mostly with marbles or colored balls, or shells – and I was just thinking about something unique and different to put in them.  Terrariums used to be all the rage, but have gone a bit out of vogue and the amazing thing is that almost any glass container can become its own little world when acting as an enclosed garden that depends on a self-contained ecosystem.  It’s something my daughter would love and when she returns from Spain to visit us, I think we’ll try this project together.

Terrarium Image Credit:

1960’s era vintage globe on axis stand

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Here we have a beautiful, vintage, old globe on axis with stand circa 1960.  An original from The Book of Knowledge, this True-to-Life Globe has a 12-inch diameter and was produced prior to patent.  The top axis has very minor rusting with a dial (latitude finder) that’s 1/2 silver (the sun) and 1/2 black (the night stars).  The stand is tension mounted with an art deco shaped wood stand and a black/brown tension knob.  The base is circular with 5 felt feet to protect your desktop.

A true beauty with an overall pale turquoise color theme, the map pieces have been hand applied in quarter paper strips (much like paper mache).  A great historical reference, this globe shows Germany with E. Germany & W. Germany. There is a very slight squeaking when the globe is easily rotated, you will likely want to disassemble and oil the parts for a true collector.  This item is located in Key West.  Please allow consideration for shipping delays due to weather in the winter season.  Offered by Lange Auction House, we are happy to answer any question at 305.240.9008 or langeauctionhouse@gmail.com.

elkington silver plated fruit bowl #38385

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This wonderful Elkington Silver Plate bowl is made in England and stamped as authentic #38385. Gadroon decoration in a circular dish or sometimes called scalloped fruit bowl, this was made circa 1965. Measurements are 3.7 cm high x 26.8 cm diameter, weighs 580 grams.  We have not cleaned the bowl, it comes with original patina.  Excellent condition – sure to be a beauty when polished.  Originally obtained from a non-smoking, no-pet estate, we ship fast.  Any questions or concerns can be routed to Lange Auction House at 305.240.9008 or langeauctionhouse@gmail.com.  The item is presently in Key West, FL.  Please allow for weather/shipping considerations.

Inventors of Silver Plating
The originators of silver-plating were George Richards Elkington and Henry Elkington who began their research in times of the industrial revolution. By the 1830’s they had patented their processes and 1840 saw the technique of electro-plating brought to perfection.

beijing’s ghost market

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The New York Times Magazine hosted an article last week by Susan Conley on “Lives:  The Starter Buddha“.  In it, Conley outlines her anxious experience in acquiring a giant Buddha head which she later learned was a fake.  This lead us to wonder more about the Panjiayuan market in China also known locally as the “Dirt Market ” or  “Ghost Market”.  The name comes from the idea that original owners of the items being sold are now “long past”, and thus are now ghosts.

Panjiayuan Jiuhuo Shichang is said to be the shopping experience of dreams: endless rows of calligraphy, jewelry, ceramics, teapots, ethnic clothing, Buddha statues, paper lanterns, Cultural Revolution (Communist) memorabilia, wooden boxes, Ming- and Qing-style furniture, old pipes, opium scales, and painted human skulls.

The market runs Saturday and Sunday mornings at dawn or shortly after (hence the “ghost” label).  Vendors start to leave around 4pm. Initial prices given to foreigners are always high and require intelligent bargaining and negotiation.   A wonderful color travelogue type website that really gives you the feel of the place is here.

It started out as an unofficial flea market back in the early 90’s but has quickly grown in size and popularity. Panjiayuan’s treasure trove of antiques and oddities now has approximately 3,000 registered stall holders, 10,000 employees and up to 50,000 visitors on a busy day.  Maybe someday soon, we’ll see you there!