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modern wool pile hand hooked rugs

In Uncategorized on January 8, 2011 at 6:31 pm

Hooked rugs and small home accent rugs in general are a specialty collector’s item, in some cases, even when they’re new.  This Vera Bradley used China blue and white medium throw rug was part of Bradley’s Signature Collection as a 100% Virgin Wool Pile Hand Hooked Rug.  Made in China, the rug is a petit-hooked, hand-crafted work of art by skilled artisans.

Slight variations in weave are a characteristic of hand hooked rugs and give each piece its own unique look and charm.  The down side – the rugs can not be machine washed.  You also should not attempt to pull out any loose yarns, but rather just cut the yarns with scissors.  For care and cleaning, the rug must be swept or vacuumed regularly, you should use a non-slip rug pad underneath and you must professionally clean the item.  The up side – they can last for years and generally will retain their overall good look as seen above.

So was this 2’6″ x 4’2″ rug a great yard sale find at $5.00 as an original from wholesaler Marcella Fine Rugs?  Well, although the image above shows the rug in good to fair condition, the insert below shows the rug as dirty and therefore in my opinion, poor condition.  That means an additional trip to the store to purchase some Resolve Rug Cleaner and about an hour in cleaning effort with no guarantee the stains will come out – so in short, NO.

Additionally, BRAND NEW, these carpets retail on Vera Bradley for $36.00 (on sale in January 2011) and on Ebay they run about $70 – $90 new with tags for discontinued or hard-to-find patterns.  The moral is, double check the value of the items you are selling and buying especially if they’re 1970 – present.  Many times, comparable value can be found elsewhere (without a musty or dirty smell to boot!)  Have questions about your items?  Let us know!

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