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martha stewart living: tag sales & flea markets

In Uncategorized on January 19, 2011 at 1:23 am

We recently reviewed “Good Things with Martha Steward Living:  Good Things From Tag Sales and Flea Markets“.  A workbook of home decorating ideas, creative projects and tips on how to utilize your estate sales and antiquing finds, the book has Martha’s clean and simple taste for yesterday’s items.  Sections include a tutorial on glass, fabric and notions, kitchen ware and ceramics, hardware and salvage, and furniture.

Two sections really struck me, the first on wall-hung plates reminds me of a show I saw a few years back on Joan Rivers’ country kitchen which had a huge (and I mean over-the-top) display of milk glass and white china wear all architecturally constructed against a huge ceiling A-frame wall, transfer plates, and platters which gave the theme a really clean and distinctive feel.

The second is on glass jar terrariums.  I had been in the stores the other day thinking about some of the various sized glass urns with tops and how they’re filled mostly with marbles or colored balls, or shells – and I was just thinking about something unique and different to put in them.  Terrariums used to be all the rage, but have gone a bit out of vogue and the amazing thing is that almost any glass container can become its own little world when acting as an enclosed garden that depends on a self-contained ecosystem.  It’s something my daughter would love and when she returns from Spain to visit us, I think we’ll try this project together.

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