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glass plate slide pope jean xxii (1334)

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This glass portrait slide plate is of Pope Jean XXII.  The slide was originally acquired in the late 1990’s from the famous Vinnie’s Antique Store in Seekonk, MA –  it is in pristine condition given it’s age.  Measures 3″vertically by 4″ horizontal it features the papal crest, crown and garments on a wide-eyed, young and noble-nosed Pope.
The back is marked in original tape the following:  Pope Jean XXII Portrait (Papal Palace in Avignon, France.)  M.C. Julien Neg. 8x -108.  From our search we learned that the Reverend M.C. Julien was at one time, the pastor of the North Church of New Bedford.  At one time, he was also the pastor of the New Bedford, MA Congregational Church and served at the trial of Lizzy Borden (you read that right!)
Our search also revealed the following relative to Pope Jean XXII:  Pope Jean XXII (1249 – December 4, 1334), born Jacques Duèze (or d’Euse), was pope from 1316 to 1334. He was the second Pope of theAvignon Papacy (1309–1377), elected by a conclave in Lyon assembled by Philip V of France. Like his predecessor, Clement V, he centralized power and income in the Papacy, living a princely life in Avignon and funding his court and wars.[1] He opposed Louis IV of Bavariaas emperor, and Louis in turn invaded Italy and set up an antipope, Nicholas V. Pope Jean XXII faced controversy in theology involving his views on the Beatific Vision, and he opposed the Franciscan understanding of the poverty of Christ and his apostles. He canonized St.Thomas Aquinas.  This slide is being offered by Lange Auction House of Key West at 3005.240.9008 or langeauctionhouse@gmail.com. Please allow for delivery delays due to inclement weather in other parts of the country.
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