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gold painted colorful porcelain ware

In Uncategorized on January 23, 2011 at 7:54 pm

One of the saddest days I had last year was when I had to return to my brother a gift he had purchased for me in Taiwan.  We were minimizing and I am a big believer in keeping art pieces in the family.  So the vase my brother had gifted featured a gold background and it had in it a gorgeous blue dragon.  I loved the shape and the size and much like the vase above, it was a true color beauty (maybe he’ll read this and send it back to us now!).

Gold painted colorful porcelain wares are normally made by adopting 24 Karat gold water and various color glaze substances to be used as painting materials.  They are then applied to the surface of the porcelain ware and form delicate and brilliant patterns by hand-painted techniques of artisans.  Depending on the type of color glaze substances used on the surface, the clay ware is often baked between 900 degrees Celsius to 1250 degrees, necessary to fix the color glazes.

A Chinese porcelain-ware displaying battles be...

Image via Wikipedia

At this point, the 24 Karat gold water is used for painting and the porcelain ware is again baked between 800 – 900 degrees Celsius.  The gold glazed porcelain ware is produced by such a multiple layered painting and repeated baking process, that each piece forms a delicate pattern, worthy of our collection and appreciation.

In Taiwan, there is a Taiwanese Handicraft Promotion Center in Taipei; it is a foundation devoted to the development of the handicraft industry in Taiwan.  The technique is relatively the same globally, the plate above is made in China.

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