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Be Wholly You

Shauna Lee Lange also works to create powerful life effectiveness strategies for global women and girls. With many experienced years in management consulting, leadership training, and serving the public in advisory information brokering, I seek to educate, embolden and encourage women in their day to day walk.  What that means is that I am qualified to work towards empowering women and communities to envision, enlarge, and exemplify their best based on sound practices, research & analytics, and contemporary coaching techniques.  I love Thomas Carlyle’s words:  “The fearful unbelief is unbelief in yourself.”

Join me every Thursday morning at 10:00 on KONK 1500am community radio where I take one hour to interview guests, to address the challenges women face in today’s society, and where I receive calls from listeners who want to talk about issues impacting women, young adults and girls.

I also teach, write, lecture, exhibit, jury, curate, build teams, assess performances, motivate, research, promote, counsel, conceptualize, market, facilitate and measure.  Recent subjects include access to technology issues, social hierarchies, cultural elite, art as economic leverage, technology literacy as anti-poverty, information societies, net neutrality, and the absence of women in technology developing professions.

The firm of Shauna Lee Lange whether associated with her auction house, artist, or coaching enterprises is comprised of professional service providers and administrators.   We are proud 2010/11 members of the National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO) and the National Association of Investigative Specialists (NAIS).   Life Coaching Certification was achieved in 2010 through the Advanced Life Coaching Institute (ALCI).  Shauna Lee Lange is also member in good standing with the International Coach Federation (ICF) through 2011.

It’s important that coaches stay in the know about field developments and network with other coaches.  We participate through Coach U and the ICF in the Career Coaches Special Interest Group which helps us give to the profession on an ongoing basis.  I also hold Certifications in Civilian Leadership Development as a Trainer for Mentor/Assessment Training; Management Development Certifications for Leading People; High Performance Development Models; Ethics Training; Mastery in Alternative Dispute Resolution & Conflict Management; Team Skills;  and multiple other proficiencies in quantitative and qualitative analysis. We’re skilled mediators, negotiators and dispute resolutionists particularly in the field of civil rights, equal opportunity, diversity and inclusion. Shauna Lee Lange is an advocate of 1st Amendment Free Speech, Net Neutrality, Open Internet, and Social Media.



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