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Lange Auction House is a dealer in fine antiques and collectibles in consignments. We deal in used furniture and personal property in consignment or second-hand shop settings. We’ll help you organize your yard sale, community sale, or charity fundraiser to determine what items might go through our consignment process, or might be better served being placed at another consignment location. We can even help you secure safe and dry storage for your items.  Everybody always has stuff to get rid of, so we sometimes hold customer consignment auctions.  Bring in your unwanted items and have them sold at auction!

Consignments normally include designer clothes, furniture, and jewelry. Since items may change frequently, it can be beneficial to visit shops often to take a look at their selection and possibly find hidden treasures. Resale prices are much cheaper than what customers would find in retail stores, which comes in handy for baby items and clothes.

Families that have recently cleaned their closets can bring their clothes to a consignment shop. They typically split the profit with the shop owner for any of their clothes that have been sold. Men, women, and children can find second hand vintage or boutique clothing at a much cheaper price. Baby clothes, collectible figurines, and furniture that are like new are all available at different thrift shops. Brides-to-be can find affordable bridal gowns and tuxedos for their grooms that fit within their wedding budgets. Families can save on shoes that are like new by purchasing them at a consignment shop. The best way to find what household products and accessories a thrift store has is to visit it in person and browse through their selection of clothes, shoes, furniture, and jewelry.  We are empathetic to the challenging economic times faced by our client families and especially young teens. We try to carry youthful vintage fashions and accessories and when these are available, we will allow our customers to buy clothes outright and also to receive credit for clothing or donations they bring to us.

Customers will soon find that upscale brands are more common in certain locations than others. There are online consignment shops that also sell vintage and designer clothing too. Customers can research the resale value of different products to find out what kind of deal they are getting on a piece of boutique or vintage clothing. Second hand stores normally only sell products that are like new so customers feel comfortable purchasing it for their family.

Consignment shops, also known as thrift shops, are second-hand resale stores that stock and sell used merchandise, usually on consignment. Consignment shops can take the form of retail stores or online wholesale stores.  Consignment shops or resale shops can be found in store or online. Consignment stores usually sell direct to the public. Customers looking for specialty items may have luck shopping in consignment shops, as quality items may be found at a bargain. You can find consignment shops, boutique stores or pawn shops in your area by looking in your local phone book or searching online directory listings.

Pawn shops allow you to trade valuable item for instant cash. When finding a consignment or thrift shop near you, contact a few different shops, whether in store or online. Ask about the product inventory to buy and sell, charity affiliations, typical prices, hours and company or store history.

Internet Sales: We’re currently working on becoming an e-bay affiliate, taxing assistant, education specialist, Certified provider and registered second-seller to help you meet your needs.  Contact us to learn more.

Your donations:  We are available to arrange for pick-up or drop-off delivery of your donated items.


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