florida keys estate sales & auction services, personal property appraisals, liquidations


Estate Sales (often called tag sales) are the lifeblood of Lange Auction House. Whether you’re moving, down-sizing, retiring, divorcing or marrying, one thing is constant — change! An estate sale is often a total estate liquidation with most (if not all) the property’s contents going up on the block.  If your estate sale includes the real estate or property of your home, we work in concert with your Florida licensed realtor or we bring in our own.  Remember, an estate sale is often called a tag sale or a moving sale, but it is quite different in strategy.  Often furniture is going as a set, or has some special provenance, or some special moving considerations.

In today’s market, an auction house must utilize a wide range of selling and buying options. We embrace the use of Internet commerce portals and social media in an attempt to re-use, re-sell, re-cycle and re-purpose.  Estate sales are often involved in a major change of life. We also offer moving, relocation, and organizing services especially for those losing or gaining a new home. Sadly, estate sales are most commonly seen when a family member has died and children or relatives are left to care for the estate.  The single golden rule of estate sales is “DO NOT THROW ANYTHING AWAY”.  The most common looking item, pre-1960, in its original box can fetch more than you or your relatives can imagine.  We’ll help you and walk you through how to sift the overwhelming prospect of liquidating an entire house’s contents.  We’re your leaders in innovate estate sales in the Florida Keys region and we approach estate sales with an empathetic, yet educated, eye and ear.  Well meaning family and friends who want to conduct your estate sale for you are costing you money and potentially posing risks you may not have anticipated.

Here are some helpful tips to those who are bound and determined to go through the contents of a home:  wear protective gear before handling boxes of unknown contents; educate ourself on hazards of chemicals and proper disposal; carefully inspect glass, wood, and clothing to prevent problems; be aware of recalls on hair dryers and lamps, cribs and other household items due to injuries, death and fires; and even non-working electronics can be recycled and provide income.  Now do you see why you need a professional?

In very fine estates, we’ve recently adopted the industry-wide practice of issuing bid numbers just prior to the sale as well as charging a nominal entrance fee.  This fee is entirely refundable with an estate sale purchase.  It ensures for the seller that his or her event will be attended by serious buyers.


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