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Lauseb Press

Lauseb Press, launched in 2010, is our flagship enterprise for paperie, press, and publications activities.  It houses featured, one-of-a-kind, hand-designed art journals, visual diaries, and sketchbook creations by Shauna Lee Lange (and other artists) and will offer a full line of gorgeously crafted writing and art making products.  We are working on several ventures, and hope to be able to announce the publication of  our premier launch of “Poems Between Star-Crossed Lovers” very soon.

Our exquisite and elegant designs are inspired by nature, ecology, sustainability, green living, botanicals, vintage & antique textiles and relics, and prints & ephemera.  We bring top-drawer, Old World European Garden to your doorstep.  Our collections include beautifully styled products enhanced by luxurious fauna and flora patterns or accents in unique palettes for correspondence or art. Lauseb Paperie is a line of distinct, high-end exquisite papers and accessories for the art paper crafting and gifting market.  In addition to Lauseb’s papers, you’ll find cards, gift wrap, collage sheets (and more to come).

Shauna Lee Lange & Lauseb Press earmark a portion of proceeds to support causes related to the First Amendment’s free speech and expression. What’s important to us is the abolishment of banned books globally; the promotion of International Literacy Day; the enhancement of education programs that open worlds of imagination to children such as the Great Books Program; and the enhancement of delivery systems that work to alleviate disadvantaged women’s lack of access to information, communication, and creativity outlets or portals.


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