florida keys estate sales & auction services, personal property appraisals, liquidations


It’s estimated that over 60 million people go garage sale-ing annually, and even MORE move or relocate.  We are the absolute experts in moving, as our personal moving experience includes three countries, several states, and even more local household moves.  I’ve lived in Florida alone in four different locations over my lifetime and plan on making the Keys our final stop!  Lange Auction House also offers professional organizing services for those that want to try their own hand at a community yard sale, garage sale, tag sale, or other small or quick sale. We will help you sort, price, organize, package, promote, clean and prepare for your best possible sale if you’re not at the level of an auction or estate sale. Often, the preparation for a sale, and your participation in it, can be the most challening aspects of turning your treasure into financial pleasure.

We can assist with parking, security, storage, movers, donations, labels, tickets, food, bathroom facilities, aides and clerks, portable audio and sound systems, signage, advertising, tent or warehouse rentals, chair rentals,and other ancillary needs that go hand-in-hand with a sale whether you’re buying or selling.  We’re even skilled at aligning neighbors for a larger community style sale where everyone benefits from each other.  We can handle sales in or out of state, and can bring in display units if they’re needed to showcase your items (or teach you how to use proper display systems to organize your items).

We can advise on the best calendar dates, days and times to conduct your sale, too!  At Lange Auction House we strive for satisfied customers who will build a network of happy buyers.


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