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appraisal days ends 3/31/11

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One item appraised for $25  – Offer ends March 31, 2011


Lange Auction House



alex lange achieves honorary colonel

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Alex Lange graduated February 6, 2011 from the Florida Auctioneer Academy in Orlando, Florida, earning the designation of Honorary Colonel.  The 10-day auctioneering course is held five times a year.  Participants learn all phases of the auctioneering business, from how to book auctions through setting up and conducting sales, including legal requirements and the auctioneer’s chant.

Colonel Lange also earned his Ringmaster designation at Florida Auctioneer Academy’s “Ringmaster” course.  This course teaches students how to work directly with bidders to help the auctioneer get higher prices at auction.  Lange is now qualified to perform all types of auctions (except real estate) and will sit for his state examination during February 2011.

Colonel Lange is the co-owner and Chief Executive Officer of Lange Auction House, LLC of Key West.  The company serves the Florida Keys with estate sales, liquidations, and auction house & personal property appraisal services.  With his business partner and wife, Shauna Lee Lange, the pair are skilled in antiques, collectibles, art, architecture and the second selling resale markets.  Lange Auction House has been uniquely positioned to help the Florida Keys community buy and sell personal property since 2010.

collections & collectibles: colors magazine

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The creative directors of the Italian offices of Benetton and Fabrica (the design-research arm of the retailer), have put together a magazine of interest to every collector collecting a collection of collectibles.  Colors Magazine, celebrating its 20th anniversary, has in its 2010-2011 issue dedicated the print magazine and online magazine to “Collector”.  You can see some fantastic groupings of incidental items like plastic cutlery or more refined items like collections of storm troopers.  Also featured are banana stickers, toothpaste collections, and items from the Concorde. You can also sign up online to participate in the interactive platform and you can upload content. We just love this idea because it helps to identify experts and historical resources for very odd items.  For those of you in coastal areas, the preceding issue, “The Sea” is also quite stunning and beautiful.